The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine

The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine

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Table of Contents:
Correlating Literary, Epigraphic, and Archaeological Sources
The Graeco-Roman Context of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine
Gender Issues and Daily Life
The Roman Provincial Administration
Courts and the Judicial System
Population Structure and Jewish Identity
The Languages of Roman Palestine
Village and Countryside
Travel and Mobility
The Household Economy
Agriculture and Farming
Arts and Crafts, Manufacture and Production
Trade, Commerce, and Consumption
Poverty and Charity
The Different Life-Stages: From Childhood to Old Age
Marriage and Divorce
Jewellery: The Literary Evidence
Jewellery: The Archaeological Evidence
Food, Eating, and Meals
Domestic Architecture
Death, Burial, and Afterlife
Private and Public Education
Orality and Writing
The Impact of Paganism and Christianity
The Synagogue
Prayer and Liturgy
Sabbath and Festivals
Magic and Healing
Bathhouses as Places of Social and Cultural Interaction
Theatres, Hippodromes, Amphitheatres and Performances
Play and Games