Europe's Birds: An Identification Guide

Europe's Birds

An Identification Guide
Series: WILDGuides; 22;
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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No. of pages:640 pages
Size:209x149 mm
Weight:1370 g
Illustrations: 4,700 color photos + 540 maps
Long description:

The most comprehensive single-volume photographic guide to Europe?s birds ever produced?from the authors of the acclaimed Britain?s Birds

Covering more than 900 species, and illustrated with 4,700 photographs, Europe?s Birds is the most comprehensive, authoritative and ambitious single-volume photographic guide to Europe?s birds ever produced. Easy-to-use, practical and accessible, this guide provides the information necessary for birdwatchers of all abilities to name any bird they see. Detailed descriptions cover the birds in all their plumages?male, female, breeding, non-breeding, adult and immatures, as well as distinctive subspecies. The clear text covers all aspects of identification, including moult and vocalizations, and provides details on range, status and habitat. An unrivalled selection of photographs, chosen to be as informative as possible, makes this a beautiful book to enjoy, as well as an up-to-date and essential source of identification knowledge.

Europe?s Birds is produced by the same team that created Britain?s Birds, which has been described as ?without doubt the best photo guide on the market? (Andy Stoddart, Rare Bird Alert). The authors include top-class wildlife photographers, writers and editors, and an imaginative, highly skilled designer. All are experienced birdwatchers themselves, who know what is needed in an identification guide for birdwatchers living or travelling in Europe.

  • Illustrates all 928 species recorded in Europe, including established introductions
  • Features 4,700 stunning photographs showing the birds as you really see them
  • Focuses on identification, covering all plumages and subspecies
  • Provides detailed comparison of similar and difficult species
  • Includes details of moult, vocalizations, status and favoured habitats
  • Contains 540 maps, prepared in association with BirdLife International

"One of New Statesman's Books of the Year 2021"