Prospero's Books Ltd. founded in 1994 has been the leading book importer and library supplier of academic and scientific books in Hungary. We provide quick and reliable services at reasonable and predictable prices, and free book information. Our regular customers include major public and university libraries, research institutes, industrial companies, other organisations and their libraries. You can find a list of our library and institution customers below. We supply private customers and businesses as well. In 2011 ProsperoD (Prospero Distribution) was launched to serve small indipendent publishers in Hungary. As a distributor we provide a complex system for warehousing, shipping, invoicing, finance as well as for sales and marketing. The ProsperoD website (in Hungarian) is accessible here:


  • We import books published outside Hungary that are available at the publisher. We also import other products issued by publishers. We do not supply journals, other periodicals or books published in Hungary.
  • We send itemized monthly report on all orders in process to those customers who do not use the „Status of orders” menu of our Internet bookshop.
  • We offer a free weekly e-newsletter with information on a selection of new English- and German-language books in Prospero's Internet Bookshop. The newsletter is tailored to your interests, so it enables you to receive up-to-date information on the topics of your choice. You can choose to receive occasional personalised print newsletters as well. To view a sample newsletter, please click here
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  • Central Library of Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics National Technical Information Centre and Library
  • University and National Library of the University of Debrecen Library of Social Sciences
  • University and National Library of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Life Sciences Library
  • University of Debrecen Institute for Germanic Studies
  • Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
  • Library, Archives and Fine Arts Collection of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office Library
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Miklós Bánffy Library
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office János Frecskay Library
  • Hungarian Natural History Museum Central Library
  • Library of the Centre for Social Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Scientific Library of the Geographical Institute Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Library of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Library of the Institute for Regional Studies Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Library of the Institute for Computer Science and Control (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Library of the Research Centre for the Humanities Institute for Musicology (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture, Agricultural Library
  • Library of Parliament
  • University of Pécs Benedek Ferenc Law and Economics Library
  • Central Library of the University of Pécs
  • University of Pécs Mihály Pekár Medical and Life Sciences Library
  • Gedeon Richter Plc. Technical Library
  • Library of the Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences
  • University of Szeged Klebelsberg Kuno Library
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Ferenc Hutÿra Library, Archives and Museum
  • University of Pannonia University Library and Archives
  • National University of Public Service Central University Library and Archives


As a successful and developing company Prospero's Books Ltd. is dedicated to support foundations that serve public purposes. Below please find our principles for supporting foundations:

  • We usually give support to foundations focusing on mainly health or social issues.
  • We wish to support particular foundations regularly. We feel it is more feasible to give regular support to specific foundations than fritter our resources. Naturally we try to monitor how our donations are used, and if we see problems we stop helping that particular foundation. We only support foundations who give sufficient information on their activities.
  • We do not support foundations that are involved in activities close to Prospero’s own fields of activities. So we do not give donations to library foundations eg.
Currently we support the following foundations:
  • Foundation for the Development of Heim Pál Children’s Hospital
  • Joy of Thinking Foundation