5 February 2023

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Landesmann, Michael; Székely, István P.; (ed.)
Does EU Membership Facilitate Convergence? The Experience of the EU's Eastern Enlargement - Volume I: Overall Trends and Country Experiences
instead of 62 645 with 8% discount: 57 633 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

This edited volume analyses the ways in which EU membership contributed to the convergence process of member countries in the Baltics, Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, and also explores countries that are candidates for future EU...

 Wilcox, Claire; (ed.)
Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up: Nominiert: ACE Best Product Awards: Best Exhibition Catalogue 2018
instead of 16 059 with 13% discount: 13 972 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

A gorgeous book focussing on Frida Kahlo's wardrobe - as distinctive and instantly recognisable as her much-celebrated art.

Levy, Bob;
Television Development: How Hollywood Creates New TV Series
instead of 55 062 with 10% discount: 49 556 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

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