25 July 2024

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 Fluke, Joanne
Coconut Layer Cake Murder
instead of 3 849 with 8% discount: 3 541 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

 Charlesworth, S;
Urban Pollution ? Science and Management: Science and Management
instead of 50 690 with 10% discount: 45 622 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

Multidisciplinary treatment of the urgent issues surrounding urban pollution worldwide 

Written by some of the top experts on the subject in the world, this book presents the diverse, complex and current themes of the urban...

 Caruso, Gregg; Flanagan, Owen; (ed.)
Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience
instead of 18 349 with 10% discount: 16 514 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

Neuroexistentialism brings together some of the world's leading philosophers, neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, and legal scholars to tackle our neuroexistentialist predicament and explore what the mind sciences can tell us about morality, love,...

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