26 September 2022

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 Anderson, Michael R.; Holmsten, Stephanie S.; (ed.)
Political and Economic Foundations in Global Studies
instead of 61 488 with 10% discount: 55 339 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

? 2019 Selection and editorial matter, Michael R. Anderson and Stephanie S. Holmsten; individual chapters, the contributors

Wilson, Andrew;
Belarus - The Last European Dictatorship
instead of 5 631 with 13% discount: 4 899 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

Gropper, Michael A.; Eriksson, Lars I.; Fleisher, Lee A;(ed.)
Miller's Anesthesia, 2-Volume Set
instead of 173 384 with 13% discount: 150 844 HUF, if you order from the Internet Bookshop

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