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Rogue Diamonds

Kiadó: University of Washington Press
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When geologist Chuck Fipke discovered diamonds on the Barren Grounds near Yellowknife in Canada's Arctic, international mining companies almost immediately began to stake claims to the minerals: pure "ice" diamonds untainted by bloodshed and war.

These diamond lands are home to the Dene, Native peoples who have hunted, fished, and lived on these grounds since time immemorial. To mine these lands required the agreement of the First Nations, the Inuit, the mining company, and two levels of government. Ellen Bielawski was part of the negotiation team that painstakingly put together a deal to satisfy all involved, and Rogue Diamonds is her provocative and insightful telling of this intense time. From closed-door meetings in town to sacred ceremonies on the land, Bielawski weaves a thought-provoking story.

"A compelling account of the great diamond rush of the 1990s. . . . The true power of this book lies in Bielawski's unique northern voice, and acute rendering of a life on the land and the healing power of old ways."


Map 1: Akaitcho Treaty 8 Country

Map 2: Major Mineral Claims North of Great Slave Lake

A Note on Language and Jurisdiction



1. The Diamonds

2. The Dene

3. The Deadline


4. You Got the Gold, We Got the Shaft

5. Water--First Rapids

6. Ever Lotta Berries

7. Insignificant Progress

8. The Perfectly Useless Product

9. The Minister's Significant Progress

10. Second Rapids

11. Third Rapids

12. "I Don't Speak for the Minister"


13. Waiting for ?etthen

14. Excell's Moccasins

15. Sharing Accord

Xaluka--Early Spring

16. The Healing Journey


Sources and Source Notes

Author's Note and Acknowledgments