Quantum Mechanics in Nanoscience and Engineering

Quantum Mechanics in Nanoscience and Engineering

Kiadó: Cambridge University Press
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Machinery of quantum mechanics described through the perspective of nanoscale phenomena for students in physics, chemistry and engineering.

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Quantum Mechanics in Nanoscience and Engineering covers both elementary and advanced quantum mechanics within a coherent and self-contained framework. Undergraduate students of physics, chemistry and engineering will find comprehensive coverage of their introductory quantum mechanics courses, and graduate students will gain an understanding of additional tools and concepts necessary to describe real world phenomena. Each topic presented is first motivated by an experimental technique, phenomenon or concept derived directly from the realm of nanoscience and technology. The machinery of quantum mechanics is described and reinforced through the perspective of nanoscale phenomena, and in this manner practical and fundamental questions are raised and answered. The main text remains fluent and accessible by leaving technical details and mathematical proofs to guided exercises. Introductory readers may overlook these exercises, while rigorous students can benefit from reading the guidance or solving the exercises in full to strengthen and consolidate their understanding of the material.

'As quantum effects increasingly take centre stage in chemistry, physics and materials research, it is important for researchers to have deep physical and mathematical understanding of quantum mechanics. This is a textbook for our times, with very clear explanations of both fundamental concepts and detailed extensions to a range of applications. Whether your scientific journey is from physics towards molecular sciences, from chemistry towards non-equilibrium physics, across the broad spectrum of activities that encompass nano-science or something in between, I am sure this book will be a welcome companion for your adventures.' Gemma C. Solomon, University of Copenhagen
Preface. 1. Motivation; 2. The state of a system; 3. Observables and operators; 4. The Schr&&&246;dinger equation; 5. Energy quantization; 6. Wave function penetration, tunneling and quantum wells; 7. The continuous spectrum and scattering states; 8. Mechanical vibrations and the harmonic oscillator model; 9. Two
-body rotation and angular momentum; 10. The hydrogen
-like atom; 11. The postulates of quantum mechanics; 12. Approximation methods; 13. Many
-electron systems; 14. Many
-atom systems; 15. Quantum dynamics; 16. Incoherent states; 17. Quantum rate processes; 18. Thermal rates in a bosonic environment; 19. Open quantum systems; 20. Open Many
-Fermion systems; Index.