Inflammation and Natural Products

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Inflammation and Natural Products brings together research in the area of the natural products and their anti-inflammatory action in medical, nutraceutical and food products, addressing specific chronic inflammatory diseases like cancer and the mechanistic aspects of the mode of action of some key natural products. Inflammation is a complicated process, driven by infection or injury or genetic changes, which results in triggering signalling cascades, activation of transcription factors, gene expression, increased levels of inflammatory enzymes, and release of various oxidants and pro-inflammatory molecules in inflammatory cells. Excessive oxidants and inflammatory mediators have a harmful effect on normal tissue, including toxicity, loss of barrier function, abnormal cell proliferation, inhibiting normal function of tissues and organs and finally leading to systemic disorders. The emerging development of natural product formulations utilizing the unique anti-inflammatory compounds such as polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenes, fatty acids, proteins and several other bioactive components has shown notable successes. Inflammation and Natural Products: Recent Development and Current Status provides a comprehensive resource, ranging from detailed explanation on inflammation to molecular docking strategies for naturally occurring compounds with anti-inflammatory activity. It is useful for graduate students, academic and professionals in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical sciences and specialists from natural product-related industries.

  • Increases the knowledge of anti-inflammatory activities of natural products and their mechanism of action
  • Provides a new perspective and forward-thinking ideas to researchers, the scientific community and industry
  • Intensifies the understanding of synergistic action of biologically active naturally occurring molecules and their biological activities against inflammation
1. Inflammation - Symptoms, Reactions and Biochemistry
2. Molecular and genetic inflammation networks in major human diseases
3. Natural products in inflammation: The emerging trends and prospective goals
4. Natural products as modulator of signaling in inflammation
5. Natural products with anti-inflammatory activities against autoimmune myocarditis
6. Multi-target approach for natural products in inflammation
7. Anti-inflammatory activity of natural dietary flavonoids
8. Anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric and ginger
9. Potential anti-inflammatory natural products from marine algae
10. Natural product derived drugs for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
11. Smart drug delivery systems of natural products for inflammation: from fundamentals to the clinic
12. Systems pharmacology and molecular docking strategies prioritize natural molecules as anti-inflammatory agents
13. Formulations, supplements and diets for anti-inflammation
14. Values of natural products to future anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical discovery
15. Metabolomic study of natural products in toxicity evaluation and toxicology biomarker identification