Sustainability: What Everyone Needs to Know?


What Everyone Needs to Know?
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Achieving sustainability has been a driving ideal in fields as diverse as business management, environmental policy, and ecological science for more than twenty years, yet until now there has been no book that combines a non-technical introduction to the basic concepts of sustainability with examples that illustrate how these concepts are being applied in different fields. Sustainability: What Everyone Needs to Know? introduces readers to the systems thinking that underpins sustainability in its various applications, and what it is we risk by failing to adopt sustainable values and practices.

Long description:
While politicians, entrepreneurs, and even school children could tell you that sustainability is an important and nearly universal value, many of them, and many of us, may struggle to define the term, let alone trace its history. What is sustainability? Is it always about the environment? What science do we need to fully grasp what it requires? What does sustainability mean for business? How can governments plan for a sustainable future?

This short, accessible book written in the signature question-and-answer format of the What Everyone Needs to Know? series tackles these and numerous other questions. Sustainability is a porous topic, which has been adapted and reshaped for developing ecological models, improving corporate responsibility, setting environmental and land-use policies, organizing educational curricula, and reimagining the goals of governance and democracy. Where other treatments of this topic tend to focus on just one application of sustainability, this primer encompasses everything from global development and welfare to social justice and climate change. With chapters that discuss sustainability in the contexts of profitable businesses, environmental risks, scientific research, and the day-to-day business of local government, it gives readers a deep understanding of one of the most essential concepts of our time.

Bringing to bear experience in natural resource conservation, agriculture, the food industry, and environmental ethics, authors Paul B. Thompson and Patricia E. Norris explain clearly what sustainability means, and why getting it right is so important for the future of our planet.

Sustainability is the hot buzzword these days. Does it take a whole book to explain what it means? Yes and how lucky we are to have it. This is a book about how to think about what it takes to keep systems going. The Q and A format makes difficult and contested concepts especially easy to follow.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. What is Sustainability?
Chapter 2. Sustainability and Business
Chapter 3. Sustainability and Ecology
Chapter 4. Sustainability and Environmental Quality
Chapter 5. Sustainable Development
Chapter 6. Sustainability and Social Justice
Chapter 7. Sustainable Governance
Chapter 8. Sustainability in Science, Education, Religion, and the Arts
Chapter 9. Sustainability: What Everyone Needs to Ask