Reproductive Technologies in Animals

Reproductive Technologies in Animals

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No. of pages:306 pages
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Reproductive Technologies in Animals provides the most updated and comprehensive knowledge on the various aspects and applications of reproductive technologies in production animals as well as companion, wild, exotic, and laboratory animals and birds. The text synthesizes historical information and recent discoveries, while dealing with economical and geographical issues related to the implementation of the same technologies. It also presents the effects of reproductive technology implementation on animal welfare and the possible threat of pathogen transmission.

Reproductive Technologies in Animals is an important resource for academics, researchers, professionals in public and private animal business, and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as it gives a full and detailed first-hand analysis of all species subjected to the use of reproductive technologies.

  • Provides research from a team of scientists and researchers whose expertise spans all aspects of animal reproductive technologies
  • Addresses the use of reproductive technologies in a wide range of animal species
  • Offers a complete description and historical background for each species described
  • Discusses successes and failure as well as future challenges in reproductive technologies
Table of Contents:

1. Reproductive Technologies in Cattle James Richard Pursley and Jose Cibelli

2. Reproductive Technologies in the Equine Marina Sansinena

3. Reproductive Technologies in Sheep Salvatore Naitana and Sergio Ledda

4. Reproductive Technologies in Goats Maria Teresa Paramio, Dolors Izquierdo and Sandra Soto-Heras

5. Reproductive Technologies in Swine Joaquin Gadea, Pilar Coy, Carmen Matas, Raquel Romar and Sebastian Canovas

6. Reproductive Technologies in the Buffalo Bianca Gasparrini, Giorgio A. Presicce, Gianluca Neglia, Riccardo Negrin and Luigi Zicarelli

7. Reproductive Technologies for the Conservation of Wildlife and Endangered Species Gabriela Mastromonaco

8. Reproductive Technologies in Camelids Julian A. Skidmore, Clara Malo, Elizabeth Crichton, Nisar Wani, Muren Herrid and Jane Vaughan

9. Reproductive Technologies in Companion Animals Gaia Cecilia Luvoni, Maria Giorgia Morselli and Martina Colombo

10. Reproductive Technologies in Laboratory Animals Takehito Kaneko and Wiebke Garrels

11. Standard and innovative reproductive biotechnologies for the development of finfish farming Jennie Risopatrón Gonzales, Osvaldo Merino Painen, Jorge Farías Avendano, Iván Valdebenito Isler, Leydy Yasmin Sandoval Vargas and Elías E. Figueroa Figueroa Villalobos

12. Reproductive Technologies in nonhuman primates Shihua Yang and Zulqarnain Baloch

13. Reproductive Technologies in Avian Species Judit Barna, Krisztina Liptoi, Eszter Patakiné Várkonyi and Barbara Vegi

14. Reproductive Technologies in the Honey Bee Ajda Moskric, Giovanni Formato, Maja Ivana Smodis Skerl and Janez Presern

15. Spermatogonial Stem Cells: from Mouse to Dairy Goat Jinlain Hua, John Clotaire Daguia Zambe and Yudong Wei

16. Reproductive technologies and pathogen transmission Julie Gard