The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe

The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe

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Table of Contents:
Part I: Introduction
Defining the 'Neolithic in Europe': Diverse and Contemporaneous Communities, c. 6500-2500 BC
Part II: Mobility, Change, and Interaction at the Large Scale
Environments and Landscape Change
Movement of Plants, Animals, Ideas, and People
South-East Europe
The Neolithization of Mediterranean Europe: Mobility and Interactions from the Near East to the Iberian Peninsula
Central and Eastern Europe
Moving Animals and Plants in the Early Neolithic of North-Western Europe
Language, Genes, and Cultural Interaction
Sequences of Cultural Interaction and Cultural Change
South-East Europe
The Neolithic in Mediterranean Europe
Central and Eastern Europe
Northern and Western Europe
Part III: Neolithic Worlds and Neolithic Lifeways
Houses, Habitation, and Community
Tells and Settlements in South-East Europe
Domestic Space in the Mediterranean
Longhouse Lifestyles in the Central European Neolithic
Lakeside Dwellings of the Circum-Alpine Region
Households and Communities in Neolithic France
Houses, Halls, and Occuptation in Britain and Ireland
Places of Settlement in Southern Scandanavia
Subsistence and Social Routine
Stable Isotopes and Neolithic Subsistence: Pattern and Variation
Subsistence Practices and Social Routine in Neolithic Southern Europe
Subsistence Practices in Central and Eastern Europe
Subsistence Practices in Western and Northern Europe
The Neolithic Year
Religious Routine and Pilgrimage in the British Isles
Materiality and Social Relations
Invention and European Knapping Traditions
Shared Labour and Large Scale Action: European Flint Mining
Stone and Flint Axes in Neolithic Europe
Pottery of South-East Europe
Linearbandkeramik Pottery and Society
Ceramics and Society in Northern Europe
Bell Beaker Pottery and Society
A Miniature World: Models and Figurines in South-East Europe
Spondylus and Shell Ornaments
The First Metalwork and Expressions of Social Power
Early Metallurgy in Iberia and the Western Mediterranean
Early Metallurgy in Western and Northern Europe
Deposition in Pits
Animals and Social Relations
Monuments, Rock Art, and Cosmology
Central European Enclosures
Italian Enclosures
Causewayed Enclosures in Northern and Western Europe
Chambered Tombs and Passage Graves of Northern and Western Europe
Rock Carvings in Iberia
Rock Carvings in South Central Europe
Rock Carvings in Northern Europe
Underground Religion in the Central Mediterranean Neolithic
A Place in the Cosmos: Monuments and Celestial Bodies
Death, Bodies, and Persons
Mortuary Practices, Bodies, and Persons in the Neolithic and Early-Middle Copper Ages of South-East Europe
Burial and Human Body Representations in the Central Mediterranean Neolithic
Mortuary Practices, Bodies, and Persons in Central Europe
Mortuary Practices, Bodies, and Persons in North-East Europe
Mortuary Practices and Bodily Representations in North-West Europe
Part IV: Conclusion: Debates in Neolithic Archaeology
Unexpected Histories? South-East and Central Europe
What Do We Mean By 'Neolithic Societies'?
The Decline of the Neolithic and the Rise of the Bronze Age Society