Used books

This page is for ordering used books. For library customers this service is available with no restrictions. Other customers (eg. private customers) can order used books under the following conditions:
  • The used book service is introduced for a temporary period only. Decision on making the service permanent will be made in the future.
  • We accept orders for 5 used books per week at the maximum (library customers excepted).
  • The service is exclusively offered to customers who have signed up for our e-mail newsletter (library customers excepted).
  • We do not accept second hand book orders for titles available in print.

We only accept used book orders online, so you can place an order for used books only if you are a registered customer with log-in name and password. If you have not registered yet, go to registration:
Important details on ordering used books: On the order form for used books you will find a list of suppliers whose online catalogues you can choose from. Books that are unavailable at the listed suppliers cannot be ordered from Prospero. Please note that pricing of used books is different from our pricing of books in print. For used books we charge not only the price given by the used book supplier but also 25% for handling and the shipping cost to our office. These additional costs are charged per item. For example, if a used book is priced at 20 USD you will be charged 5 USD for the handling and, say, 8 USD for the shipping. In this example you will be charged the HUF equivalent of 33 USD (+5% VAT). Besides choosing a used book supplier you are expected to state the maximum purchase price (without handling and shipping), as well as the minimum condition of the book you accept. You can also submit the exact URL of the used book you have chosen, although there is no guarantee that we can purchase that particular copy for you. Please note that fulfilling used book orders can be considerably slower than usual orders and it is also possible that we do not find a copy that matches the criteria given in your order. In this case we make all efforts to notify you as soon as possible.
For used books we have a minimum net price of 1000 HUF/item. If you order a used book that is cheaper than that, you will be charged this minimum price of 1000 HUF (+ handling, shipping and VAT).