The Early Greek Alphabets: Origin, Diffusion, Uses

The Early Greek Alphabets

Origin, Diffusion, Uses
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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No. of pages:368 pages
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Illustrations: 49 black-and-white illustrations
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Table of Contents:
Part I. Origins
The Genesis of the Local Alphabets of Archaic Greece
Sounds, Signs, and Boundaries
Writing and Pre-Writing at Methone and Eretria
Contextualizing the Origin of the Greek Alphabet
Part II. Alphabet and Language
Dodona and the Concept of Local Scripts
The Pronunciation of Upsilon and Related Matters: A U-Turn
Letter Forms and Distinctive Spellings: Date and Context of the New Festival Calendar from Arkadia
Part III. Themes and Regions
Local Scripts on Archaic Coins: Distribution and Function
Regions within Regions: Patterns of Epigraphic Habits within Archaic Crete
New Archaic Inscriptions: Attica, the Attic-Ionic Islands of the Cyclades, and the Dorian islands
Boeotian Inscriptions in Epichoric Script: A Conspectus
Etruria between the Iron Age and Orientalizing Period and the Adoption of Alphabetic Writing
The Greek Alphabet in South-East Italy: The Culture of Writing Between Greeks and Non-Greeks