The Changing Role of Citizens in EU Democratic Governance
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The Changing Role of Citizens in EU Democratic Governance

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This collection discusses the challenges of reforming EU democracy through increased citizen participation beyond elections. It asks fundamental questions such as whether the institutionalisation of citizens in EU public law is a prerequisite for addressing these challenges and the extent to which such institutionalisation is taking place in the EU. To these ends, the contributors analyse the latest institutional initiatives, proposals and practices such as:
*citizen assemblies;
*citizen consultations and dialogues on European integration and draft legislation;
*the Conference on the Future of Europe;
*the reform of the European Citizens' Initiative;
*the evolving role of the European Ombudsman;
*citizen petitions to the European Parliament;
*the roles of the civil society and the European Economic and Social Committee.
Offering reflections on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this book is a much needed reminder of the importance of the role of citizens in EU governance.