Terence: Andria: Andria

Terence: Andria

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:306 pages
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Helps the student to read the Latin text with understanding while appreciating it as a play.

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As the first play of the Terentian corpus, Andria has always attracted a special level of attention. It was the first Roman comedy produced after antiquity (at Florence in 1476) and the first translated into English, and it has inspired writers from Jonson and Dryden to Thornton Wilder. It provides an excellent introduction to Terence 's particular style of comedy, noteworthy for its ambivalence in representing the perspectives of woman and slaves and its experiments with a secondary plot line. The commentary is designed both to help students with the basic linguistic and technical problems confronting inexperienced readers of Roman comedy and to open discussion of essential interpretive questions involving the play and its relation to the wider comic corpus, as well as the utility of comedy for furthering our understanding of the Roman world and its values.

'The Commentary is of a very high quality. In addition to ensuring that matters of dramaturgy are constantly and fully dealt with, changes of scene or act being notably well handled (there is a good example at [IV.i], lines 625-83) G. is alive to every nuance of Terence's Latinity and style ... Any student who is called upon to work on this play will assuredly find all (s)he needs in this outstanding and authoritative edition.' Colin Leach, Classics for All
Table of Contents:
Introduction; P. Terenti Afri Andria; Commentary; Appendix I. Alternative Ending(s); Appendix II. The Greek Models; Appendix III. Cicero's Andria; Works Cited; Index.