Shakespeare in Print: A History and Chronology of Shakespeare Publishing
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Shakespeare in Print

A History and Chronology of Shakespeare Publishing
Edition number: 2, Revised
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Short description:

Brings the history of Shakespeare publishing vividly to life, from the earliest print editions to the latest digital texts.

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Described by the TLS as 'a formidable bibliographical achievement ... destined to become a key reference work for Shakespeareans', Shakespeare in Print is now issued in a revised and expanded edition offering a wealth of new material, including a chapter which maps the history of digital editions from the earliest computer-generated texts to the very latest digital resources. Murphy's narrative offers a masterful overview of the history of Shakespeare publishing and editing, teasing out the greater cultural significance of the ways in which the plays and poems have been disseminated and received over the centuries from Shakespeare's time to our own. The opening chapters have been completely rewritten to offer close engagement with the careers of the network of publishers and printers who first brought Shakespeare to print, additional material has been added to all chapters, and the chronological appendix has been updated and expanded.

'Andrew Murphy's Shakespeare in Print was already a decisive, even-handed, knowledgeable and smart survey of publishing Shakespeare over four centuries. This second edition is even better. In a testament to the energy of this field, and his own immersion in it, Murphy has substantially recast his work - not just by adding a necessary and revealing chapter on digital Shakespeares and the fascinating story of nineteenth-century editions in the formation of twenty-first century technologies. In addition, Shakespeare in Print has revisited and revised earlier parts of the story, drawing on new scholarship about Shakespeare's stationers and early print history, on what parts of the 'new textualism' have been mainstreamed into editing and what elements of the New Bibliography still hold sway, and on the relative importance of debates about authorial revision and collaboration. The result is a brilliant collation of scholarship on textual history, the history of print and publishing, and the impact of the social, cultural, and biographical on editing Shakespeare. In a field sometimes characterised by heat rather than light, it is luminescent: a wonderful book, like no other.' Emma Smith, University of Oxford
Table of Contents:
List of Illustrations; List of Tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Part I: Text; Introduction; 1. Bringing Shakespeare to Print; 2. Collecting Shakespeare; 3. The Tonson Era 1: Rowe to Warburton; 4. The Tonson Era 2: Johnson to Malone; 5. Copyright Disputes: English Publishers; 6. Copyright Disputes: Scottish and Irish Publishers; 7. American Editions; 8. Nineteenth-Century Popular Editions; 9. Nineteenth-Century Scholarly Editions; 10. The New Bibliography; 11. Shakespeare in the Modern Era; 12. Shakespeare Beyond Print; Part II: Introduction to the Chronological Appendix; Chronological Appendix; Index 1: By Play/Poem Title; Index 2: By Series/Edition Title; Index 3: By Editor/Creator; Index 4: By Publisher/Printer/Host; Index 5: By Place of Publication (excluding London); Notes; Bibliography; Main Index.