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No. of pages:300 pages
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Revealing Uncharted Biology with Single Cell Multiplex Proteomic Technologies

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Revealing Unchartered Biology with Single Intact Cells: Case Studies explores the path to research success, key projects, the role of techniques, the selection process, other alternatives considered, what other paths have led to dead ends, detailed protocols followed, and how the analysis of generated data allowed researchers to visualize unchartered biology. Focusing on the research journey that led to the publication of each article, the book's editors interviewed the researchers on the use of the Multiplex Single Cell technique and how it helped hone in on the biological quest. These methods can be expanded to a wide variety of research objectives. In conclusion to each chapter, the authors critically review their process and provide suggestions of improvement or alternate techniques that could be employed. This book is the ideal reference for researchers new to the world of single-cell multiplex techniques. The discussion on failures encountered along the research path provides insights on how to avoid repeating the same errors.

  • Provides insights into the path to success of key research articles based on Multiplex Single-Cell analysis techniques results
  • Contains detailed method information
  • Discusses strengths and limitations of techniques applied to each research domain covered
  • Includes discussions on the failures encountered along the research path and how to avoid them
Table of Contents:
1. Assessing global immune competence using CyTOF
2. Contributing to Cconsortia human tissue mapping efforts with multiplexed imaging
3. Novel single-cell technologies advance our mechanistic understanding of muscle stem cell function in skeletal muslce regeneration
4. Spatial quantification of cellular metabolism in tissues by metabolic regulome profiling
5. From bench to bedside: practical considerations for translational studies using single-cell mass cytometry
6. Developing predictive biomarkers for endometrial cancer immunotherapy with mass cytometry
7. Imaging mass cytometry in pre-clinical studies of lung cancer