An Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla? Collectibles

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No. of pages:176 pages
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Godzilla first rampaged across Japan's silver screen in 1954. Not to be contained, the "King of the Monsters" soon strode across the Pacific, creating mayhem in America's theaters from 1956 onward. In his wake were left shattered cities, ardent fans ... and a mighty mountain of collectibles. This book captures the wide range of Godzilla collectibles in comprehensive listings and over 570 color photographs. The vast array of collectibles detailed and displayed include everything from animation cels, badges, and banks to posters, toys, and trading cards. Every item in this book has been organized into easily identified categories for quick reference. Also included in the text are collecting tips, a history of Godzilla toys, a collector's market overview complete with the listings of the top manufacturers of Godzilla collectibles, and "top ten lists" of Godzilla toys, posters, and vinyl figures. Completing this all-encompassing work are values for the many collectible lines listed.