Maine Home Cooking

175 Recipes from Down East Kitchens
Publisher: Down East Books
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No. of pages:280 pages
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Residing on Maine's Islesboro Island, Sandra Oliver is a revered food historian with a vast knowledge of New England food history, subsistence living, and Yankee cooking. She publishes a weekly recipe column,"Tastebuds," in the Bangor Daily News. The column has featured hundreds of recipes?from classic tried-and-true dishes to innovative uses for traditional ingredients. Collecting 175 recipes from her column and elsewhere, and emphasizing fresh, local ingredients, as well as the common ingredients found in most kitchens, this volume represents a new standard in home cooking.

In this comprehensive tome, Oliver brings the traditions and recipes of generations of Maine home cooks to life. Peppered with funny and useful advice from her island kitchen and garden, this book is chock-full of wisdom and stories. Whether you need a quick weekday meal or are indulging in a New England feast, these recipes are a delicious way to eat well and experience the culinary heritage of Maine.