The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Literary Culture

The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Literary Culture

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: Literary Culture and the Victorians
The Victorian Subject: Thackeray's Wartime Subjects
Life Writing and the Victorians
Politics and the Literary
The Literature of Chartism
Liberalism and Literature
Globalization and Economics
Political Economy
The Victorians, Sex, and Gender
The New Woman and Her Ageing Other
Unspeakable Desires: We Other Victorians
Victorian Masculinities, or Military Men of Feeling: Domesticity, Militarism, and Manly Sensibility
Empire, Place, and the Victorians
Organic Imperialism: Fictions of Progressive Social Order at the Colonial Periphery
The Strange Career of Fair Play, or, Warfare and Gamesmanship in the Time of Victoria
British Women Wanted: Gender, Genre, and South African Settlement
'The London Sunday Faded Slow': Time to Spend in the Victorian City
Religion, The Bible, and Literature in the Victorian Age
Religion and Sexuality
Religion and the Canon
Religion and Education
Beyond Two Cultures: Science, Literature, and Disciplinary Boundaries
Science and Periodicals: Animal Instinct and Whispering Machines
Victorian Natural Science and the Seashore
'You've Got Mail': Technologies of Communication in Victorian Literature
The New Cultural Marketplace: Victorian Publishing and Reading Practices
Literature and the Expansion of the Press
Materiality in Theory: What to Make of Victorian Things
Celebrity Culture
Victorian Aesthetics
Aestheticism and the Politics of Pleasure
Illustrations and the Victorian Novel
Art and the Literary
Victorian Theatre: Research Problems and Progress
Victorian Theatre: Power and the Politics of Gender
Melodrama On and Off the Stage
Henry James's Houses: Domesticity and Performativity