Labour Rights and the Catholic Church

The International Labour Organisation, the Holy See and Catholic Social Teaching
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This book explores the extent of parallelism and cross-influence between Catholic Social Teaching and the work of the world?s oldest human rights institution, the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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Paul Beckett has 40 years? experience both as an international commercial lawyer and as a human rights defender. He is a Visiting Research Fellow of Oxford Brookes University until 31 October 2024. He graduated from Worcester College, Oxford in 1978 with First Class honours in Jurisprudence. He also completed a Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law at New College, Oxford in 2014. Both a legal practitioner and an academic ? a "pracademic" ? he has been widely published and is often invited to take an active part in conferences, seminars and broadcasts.  Married, with two grown sons, he lives and works in the Isle of Man.

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