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Human Nutrition

From Molecular Biology to Everyday Life
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Human Nutrition: From Molecular Biology to Everyday Life presents an integrated approach on how nutrients and non-nutrients affect cellular biochemistry, and how, in turn, they shape human physiology. Over the course of 8 chapters, and covering topics ranging from the importance of diet on health to nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, this book debunks myths and provides readers with the knowledge they need to critically interpret and navigate nutrition information. Intended for nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists, public health professionals, and others working in related fields, this book provides a comprehensive source on advances in human nutrition.

  • Addresses the effect of the three macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients of health
  • Discusses microbiota and human dietary needs
  • Presents tools to understand evidence-based nutrition
Table of Contents:

1. Importance of diet on health 2. Epidemiology: Opportunities and current limitations 3. Studying dietary components: How to do it and how not to do it 4. Macronutrients and health. A brief critical overview 5. Longevity and diets. What do the Japanese and Mediterranean diets share 6. What the future of human nutrition holds 7. Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, Time-Restricted Feeding, Calorie Restriction: facts or fads? 8. The current and future use of precision nutrition