Believing in Film: Christianity and Classic European Cinema

Believing in Film

Christianity and Classic European Cinema
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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No. of pages:288 pages
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We live in a secular world and cinema is part of that secular edifice. There is no expectation, in modern times, that filmmakers should be believers - any more than we would expect that to be the case of novelists, poets and painters. Yet for all that this is true, many of the greatest directors of classic European cinema (the period from the end of World War II to roughly the middle of the 1980s) were passionately interested not only in the spiritual life but in the complexities of religion itself. In his new book Mark Le Fanu examines religion, and specifically Christianity, not as the repository of theological dogma but rather as an energizing cultural force - an 'inflexion' - that has shaped the narrative of many of the most striking films of the twentieth century. Discussing the work of such cineastes as Eisenstein and Tarkovsky from Russia; Wajda, Zanussi and Kieslowski from Poland; France's Rohmer and Bresson; Pasolini, Fellini and Rossellini from Italy; the Spanish masterpieces of Bu?uel, and Bergman and Dreyer from Scandinavia, this book makes a singular contribution to both film and religious studies.
Table of Contents:
General Editor's Introduction
CHAPTER 1: Russia: Tarkovsky, Eisenstein and Christianity
CHAPTER 2: Poland: A Trio of Catholics
CHAPTER 3: France: The Apostasy of Robert Bresson
CHAPTER 4: Italy: Christianity and Neo-Realism
CHAPTER 5: Scandinavia: Lutheran Interludes
CHAPTER 6: Spain: The Heresies of Don Luis
CHAPTER 7: Russia Again: Millennial Faith and Nihilism
List of Illustrations