Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to your Future

Tomorrow's Lawyers

An Introduction to your Future
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Tomorrow's Lawyers predicts fundamental and irreversible changes in the legal world and offers essential practical advice for those who intend to build careers and businesses in law. A definitive guide to the future for aspiring lawyers, and all who want to modernize today's legal and justice systems.

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In its first and second editions, Tomorrow's Lawyers became an international bestseller, widely read and cited by practitioners and students. The third edition focuses on the law and lawyers in the 2020s.

For Richard Susskind, the future of legal service is neither Grisham nor Rumpole. Instead, he predicts a world of online courts, AI-based global legal businesses, disruptive legal technologies, liberalized markets, commoditization, alternative sourcing, simulated practice on the metaverse, and many new legal jobs.

This volume is a definitive and updated introduction to this future - for aspiring lawyers, and for all who want to modernize and upgrade our legal and justice systems. It offers practical guidance for everyone intending to build careers and businesses in law.

Written in an era of greater technological advance than humanity has ever witnessed, this work is a call to arms: it challenges those who feel that the law and lawyers are somehow immune from technological advance; it draws attention to the unaffordability and inaccessibility of legal service, for businesses and citizens alike; it invites the next generation of lawyers to harness the power of technology in improving and even overhauling the way in which legal and court service is currently provided.

Tomorrow's Lawyers identifies new opportunities for lawyers, new ways of helping clients and the community. It enjoins its readers to become involved in building the systems that will replace outmoded forms of legal work. It argues that it is both a privilege and an obligation for tomorrow's lawyers to embrace and bring about change.

A must-read for legal undergraduates, aspiring and young lawyers, senior practitioners, leaders in law firms and legal businesses, law professors and law teachers.

A must-read for lawyers, those considering a career in the legal industry, and anyone interested in the changing legal function. Unlike most other legal industry scribes, Susskind holistically and deftly weaves together the disparate threads of the legal mosaic that will collectively transform the legal function as we know it.
Three Drivers of Change
Impact of the Pandemic
Strategies for Success
Commoditizing the Law
Working Differently
Disruptive Legal Technologies
The Grid
The Future for Law Firms
The Role of In-House Lawyers
Lawtech Startups
The Timing of the Changes
Access to Justice and Online Legal Services
Judges, Courts, and Technology
Online Courts and Online Dispute Resolution
The Future of Law, Revisited
New Jobs for Lawyers
Who Will Employ Tomorrow s Lawyers?
Training Lawyers for What?
Replacing the Old Training Ground
Questions to Ask Employers
Artificial Intelligence and the Long Term