Human Microanatomy: Cell Tissue and Organ Histology with Celebrity Medical Histories

Human Microanatomy

Cell Tissue and Organ Histology with Celebrity Medical Histories
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This histology text analyzes human structure and function from the subcellular to organ level. Each chapter emphasizes medically relevant information and considers developmental and evolutionary aspects of microanatomy, while using celebrity medical histories to help provide context for accompanying descriptions of normal histology. 

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Human Microanatomy is a comprehensive histology text that analyzes human structure and function from the subcellular to organ level of organization. In addition to emphasizing medically relevant information, each chapter considers developmental and evolutionary aspects of microanatomy while also using celebrity medical histories to help provide real-world context for accompanying descriptions of normal histology. The book is richly illustrated with over 1400 full-color micrographs and drawings assembled into cohesive groupings with detailed captions to help elucidate key histological concepts. Text illustrations are further supplemented by hundreds of other light and electron micrographs available in a free digital atlas covering a broad spectrum of microanatomy. Each text chapter also includes a preview, pictorial summary, and self-study quiz to highlight and review essential elements of histology. By incorporating features like medical histories, biological correlates, and various study aids, Human Microanatomy provides an appealing and informative treatment of histology for readers who are interested in the structural bases of cell, tissue, and organ functioning.


  • Uses celebrity medical histories to help provide context for descriptions of normal histology

  • Supplements medically relevant information with developmental and evolutionary correlates of microanatomy

  • Contains 1400+ full-color micrographs and drawings that illustrate a wide range of histological features

  • Offers free access to an ancillary online atlas with hundreds of additional light and electron micrographs

  • Includes helpful study aids such as chapter previews, pictorial summaries, and self-study quizzes

  • Presents a novel and comprehensive account of the structure and function of human cells, tissues, and organs

"I like [the] textbook draft. It combines the material in a different way and the text is quite clearly written." Dr. C. Franzini-Armstrong, USA

"I really enjoyed reading the [bone] chapter and am amazed at how well [it] waded through the? literature." Dr. S. Weiner, Israel

"I loved to read the historical and personal cases; they make the whole book very special..." Dr. F. Alessandrini, Germany

"I read with great pleasure [the] chapter on the connective tissue proper, [which] managed to pack a very comprehensive description of the topic in a compact, readable format." Dr. M. Raspanti, Italy

"I am impressed that [the author has] undertaken such a vast subject and conveyed it as well as [he has] in the chapters I reviewed." Dr. E. Bossen, USA


Preface. Acknowledgments. Online Digital Atlas and Instructor Resources. PART I: CELL AND TISSUE HISTOLOGY? OVERVIEW OF HISTOLOGY, CELL STRUCTURE, AND TISSUES. Introduction to Human Microanatomy and its Associated Techniques. (Pioneering Histologist, Marcello Malpighi). Primer of Cellular Ultrastructure. (Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Lysosomes; Ronald Reagan's Golgi Bodies; Alice Martineau's Endoplasmic Reticulum; Charlie Gard's Mitochondria; Lou Gehrig's Nuclei; Frances Oldham Kelsey's Telomeres). Overview of Embryology and the Four Basic Tissue Types with Emphasis on Epithelium and Connective Tissue Proper. (Pioneering Experimental Embryologist, Hilde Mangold; Althea Gibson's Ligaments; Cesar Chavez's Collagen Fibers; Niccolo Paganini's Elastic Fibers). Cartilage and Bone. (Christiaan Barnard's Cartilage; Elizabeth Taylor's Intervertebral Discs; King Tut's Foot Bones; Harriet Tubman's Skull Bones). Adipose Tissue. (William Taft's Fat). PART II: TISSUE AND ORGAN HISTOLOGY? BLOOD, CIRCULATORY AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEMS, MUSCLES, NERVOUS SYSTEM, AND SKIN. Blood. (Miles Davis's Erythrocytes; Yasser Arafat?s Platelets; Sadako Sasaki's Leukocytes; Eleanor Roosevelt's Bone Marrow). Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems. (Margaret Thatcher's Arteries; Richard Nixon's Veins; Frederick Douglass's Heart; Golda Meir's Lymph Nodes; James Garfield's Spleen; Virginia Alexander's Thymus). Muscles. (Darius Weems's Skeletal Muscles; Mother Teresa's Cardiac Muscles; King Kamehameha IV's Smooth Muscles). Nervous System. (Annette Funicello's Myelinated Nervous Tissue; Abraham Lincoln's Putative Neuromas; Muhammad Ali's Brain; Marilyn Monroe's Mental Health). Skin. (Michael Jackson's Epidermis; Bob Marley's Melanocytes; Marie Antoinette's Hair; Benjamin Harrison's Dermis; Frida Kahlo's Skin Wounds). PART III: ORGAN HISTOLOGY? DIGESTIVE, RESPIRATORY, AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS. Digestive System I: Oral Cavity. (Ada Lovelace's Oral Mucosa; Gerald Ford's Tongue; Gordy Howe?s Teeth; Grover Cleveland?s Palate; Andrew Jackson?s Salivary Glands, Elvis Presley?s Tonsils). Digestive System II: Pharynx to Anus. (Princess Diana's Esophagus; Doreen Kartinyeri's Stomach; Maurice Gibb's Small Intestine; Edward Plunkett's Appendix; Corazon Aquino's Colon). Digestive System III: Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas. (Billie Holiday's Liver; Mary Mallon's Gallbladder; Sally Ride's Pancreas; Sejong the Great's Pancreatic Islets). Respiratory System. (Amelia Earhart's Nasal Cavity; George Washington's Epiglottis; Mary Wells's Larynx and Trachea; Pocahontas's Bronchi; Indira Gandhi's Lungs; Catherine the Great's Pleural Membranes). Endocrine System. (Zelda Fitzgerald's Pineal Body; Barbara Bush's Hypothalamus; Pio Pico's Anterior Pituitary; Vera Schmidt's Thyroid; Garry Shandling's Parathyroid Glands; John Kennedy's Adrenal Glands). PART IV: ORGAN HISTOLOGY? URINARY SYSTEM, REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS, AND SENSORY ORGANS. Urinary System. (Idi Amin's Kidneys; Christine Jorgensen's Bladder; Franklin Roosevelt's Renin-Angiotensin System). Male Reproductive System. (Adolf Hitler's Testes; John Tyler's Epididymi and Vasa Deferentia; Pablo Neruda's Prostate). Female Reproductive System. (Coretta Scott King's Ovaries; Eva Perón's Uterus; Mumtaz Majal's Placentas; Yao Beina's Mammary Glands). Eyes. (Aldous Huxley's Corneas; Marie Curie's Lenses; Theodore Roosevelt's Retinas). Ears. (Juliette Gordon Low's Ears; Helen Keller's Cochleas and Optic Nerves). Figure Citations for Medical Histories. Index.