Farm Animal Welfare Law: International Perspectives on Sustainable Agriculture and Wildlife Regulation
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Farm Animal Welfare Law

International Perspectives on Sustainable Agriculture and Wildlife Regulation
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Rövid leírás:

This textbook distills the various aspects of international farm animal, wildlife conservation, food safety and environmental protection law in an accessible way for an audience of practitioners, scholars and graduate students.

Hosszú leírás:

This book introduces the various aspects of international farm animal protection and wildlife conservation through the lenses of food safety and environmental protection law. Bite-sized chapters focus on a wide range of topics from agrobiodiversity, fishing, and aquaculture to pollinators and pesticides, soil management, industrial animal production, and transportation, as well as international food trade.

Animal welfare and biodiversity conservation sit at the core of the selected chapters, each one providing real-world examples to make the complex field easy to understand. Current developments including food safety modernization, blockchain, and COVID-19 considerations are addressed head-on.

Farm Animal Welfare Law provides a primer for law school courses and masters? programs, for practitioners, advocates, and animal enthusiasts alike. Through its emphasis on sustainable food production, this book offers a cutting-edge selection of evolving topics at the heart of the pertinent discourse.

"Not so long ago, one needed to integrate several separate spheres of concern simply to invent "environmental law."? This book goes further by expertly crossing several divides to give unity to the spheres that concern our growing problems of food, including flora and fauna, wild and farmed, international and domestic, social and material. The result is well worth the reading. The old adage that "you are what you eat" was often looked upon as referring to the materiality of food. By observing the social and economic costs of food, as well as legal attempts to address those costs, this book adds essential and significant dimensions to the adage. Editor Gabriela Steier continues to develop agroecology and remind readers in an urbanized world that if we are what we eat, then we face some enormous problems in what we are and what we will become. In addition to our increasing reliance upon food from the oceans, simply reading the labels in a grocery store will make obvious why food and animal welfare problems test the ramifications of globalization and require the comparative (Brazil, China, Europe, India and the USA) and international law approaches of this book. Each author writes from study and personal experience in government, industry, research or activism, making the chapters thoughtful, persuasive, provocative, and often, quite alarming for anyone who eats."

Kirk W. Junker, Director, Environmental Law Center, University of Cologne, Germany


Part 1 - Marine Animals: Editor Note. Marine Fishing and Aquaculture: A Global Perspective. Perspectives and Predicaments on GE Salmon. Editor Suggestions for Future Discussion: JULIANA v. UNITED STATES. Part 2 - Bovine Animals: Editor Note. Textbox: Zoonitic Diseases: When Animals are Sick, People get Sick. GLOBAL Regulatory Overview of Farm Animal Welfare. AG-GAG: Agriculture, Whistleblowers, and the 1st Amendment. The Disintegration of Bovine Animal Protection: Fundamental Animal Rights vs. Speciesism in Indian Law. Dairy Cows and Goats: Animal Welfare, Sustainability, and the Global Regulatory Environment. Poultry Welfare Regulation: Lacking Protections for Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese. Part 3 - Wildlife, Climate Change, Habitat, and Invasive Species: Editor Note. Grounding Habitat and Sustainability via Phytoremediation Strategies. Invasivorism as a Sustainable Strategy to Animal and Resource Exploitation. Managed Bees v Pollinator Welfare. Brazil?s Role in Food Production ? Food Security and Sustainability. Land as Carbon Sinks or Pollution Sources: International Pastoral Land Law. Part 4 ? Appendices. Global Legislation on Animal Welfare Overview: Tools for Change. Zoonotic Diseases and Food Safety. Environmental Protection and Clean Energy Overlaps. Habitat Loss, Agrobiodiversity, and Incidental Wildlife Loss. Marine and (Over-)Fishing