De-Stress at Work: Understanding and Combatting Chronic Stress

De-Stress at Work

Understanding and Combatting Chronic Stress
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Burn-out, long hours, office politics, complex and inefficient processes?this book addresses the full complexity of chronic stress at work. It explains the potential for emotional and physical illness and shows how occupational health and worker wellbeing can be enhanced through chronic stress diagnosis and promoting resilience.

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Burn-out, excessive hours, office politics, handling complaints, isolated remote working, complex and inefficient processes ? this book addresses the full complexities of chronic stress at work. It explains the potential for emotional and physical illness resulting from work, and importantly, presents ways in which occupational health and wellbeing can be enhanced through strengthening chronic stress diagnosis and promoting resilience. The latter is a win-win, for the worker, for the organization, and for society in general.

Drawing on 40 years of research in collaboration with some of the best-known occupational stress gurus (including Cary Cooper, Susan Jackson, the late Ron Burke and Arie Shirom), Simon L. Dolan translates abstract concepts of chronic stress into practical guidance for enhancing resilience in a VUCA world. The ILO and many governments recognize stress as a principal cause of emerging physical and mental disease and one of the strongest determinants of high absenteeism, low morale and low productivity. While important advances have been made in the diagnosis of acute stress, the field of chronic stress in the workplace remains less clear. This book seeks to address this by presenting a wealth of diagnostic tools, including "The Stress Map". The text is brought to life for the reader by short vignettes in the form of anecdotes and stories.

This book will be of particular interest to HR professionals, consultants, executive coaches, therapists and others who wish to help employees and clients better manage their own and others? stress and to build resilience that leads to a more productive and healthier workforce.

"I have had the incredible privilege of the last few years to partner with the amazing Simon Dolan and he remarkable colleagues. He has a knack of exploring today?s hottest topics in innovative and relevant ways (future of work, values, technology, etc.). This work on how to de-stress is both timeless (he brings in the decades of theory and research on stress) and timely (he offers specific tools for individuals and organizations). I hope you will find this book and his ideas as helpful as I do." 

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Collegiate Professor of Business Adminstration, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Mochigan, US.


1. Work, Stress, and Health: An Overview 2. The Who´s Who in the Field of Stress: Principal Models and Concepts of the Pioneers in the Field 3. Understanding Stress from an Individual Angle: The Key Role of Personality, Self
-esteem and Other Personal Characteristics 4. Stress, Coping, and Consequences: Individual and Organizational 5. Understanding Stress from an Organizational Leadership Angle 6. Work and Family Triangle Synchronization as Resilience to Stressful Work?Family Conflict 7. The Stress Map as an Emerging Gamification Tool and Methodology to Combat Chronic Stress 8. A Kaleidoscope of Individual and Corporate Remedies to De
-stress and Enhance Resilience and Well
-being at Work 9. Workplace Stress and the Future: Looking Beyond