Children Reading Pictures: New Contexts and Approaches to Picturebooks

Children Reading Pictures

New Contexts and Approaches to Picturebooks
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Children Reading Pictures: New Contexts and Approaches to Picturebooks offers up-to-date research evidence on the responses of the primary audience for picturebooks ? children.

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Children Reading Pictures: New Contexts and Approaches to Picturebooks offers up-to-date research evidence on the responses of the primary audience for picturebooks ? children. The new edition has retained the best of the original while expanding its scope in several directions, including the role of the art museum in helping children and their teachers to broaden and deepen their appreciation of the visual, and the significance of understanding diversity and inclusion while looking at illustrations in picturebooks, in digital form and in the art museum. In particular, the third edition:

  • uses new case studies to bring to life exciting initiatives from teachers and art museum educators in the UK and beyond, examining the potential of picturebooks for overcoming cultural, educational, linguistic and other barriers in the classroom and in other settings

  • continues to draw readers? attention to significant international theoretical work in the field and provides structured advice for teachers and graduate students who wish to carry out their own research

  • focuses on new research with pupils, teachers, art educators and researchers working on young people?s responses to a variety of visual texts, including digital forms and fine art, and through children?s own artistic creations, to develop a more nuanced understanding of visual literacy

  • celebrates the glorious variety of outstanding picturebooks and their makers who offer rich challenge, amusement, pleasure and consolation to young readers in a changing, often troubling world

Children Reading Pictures is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of education, art and children?s literature, as well as providing important information for primary and early years teachers, literacy coordinators and for all those interested in picturebooks and visual literacy.


Introduction: How texts teach what readers learn: Reasons for a third edition of Children Reading Pictures Part I: The original study on children responding to picturebooks  1. The original research and guidelines for emerging researchers  2. On a walk with Lily and Kitamura: How children link words and pictures along the way  3. A gorilla with 'grandpa?s eyes': How children interpret ironic visual texts ? a case study of Anthony Browne?s Zoo  4. Picturebooks and metaliteracy: Children talking about how they read pictures  5. Thinking aloud: Looking at children drawing in response to picturebooks  Part II: New developments in research on children responding to visual texts  6. Young learners looking and making in the art museum and classroom  7. Psyche, Picnics and Penguin: Case studies of children responding to visual texts  8. Children reading literary apps  9. Diverse readers, diverse picturebooks, diverse responses  Part III: Research and theory for a better future  10. Understanding children?s responses to picturebooks through theory and research  11. Epilogue: What children have taught us about reading pictures Afterword: Reading is marvellous anywhere