War and Peace in Outer Space: Law, Policy, and Ethics
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War and Peace in Outer Space

Law, Policy, and Ethics
Publisher: OUP USA
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Short description:

This work explores the legal and ethical issues surrounding the increased weaponization of outer space and the potential for space-based conflict. The essays included explore the moral and legal issues in four sections covering the legal framework; ethical issues; specific threats to space security; and possible legal and diplomatic solutions.

Long description:
This book delves into legal and ethical concerns over the increased weaponization of outer space and the potential for space-based conflict in the very near future. Unique to this collection is the emphasis on questions of ethical conduct and legal standards applicable to military uses of outer space. No other existing publication takes this perspective, nor includes such a range of interdisciplinary expertise.

The essays included in this volume explore the moral and legal issues of space security in four sections. Part I provides a general legal framework for the law of war and peace in space. Part II tackles ethical issues. Part III looks at specific threats to space security. Part IV proposes possible legal and diplomatic solutions. With an expert author team from North American and Europe, the volume brings together academics, military lawyers, military space operators, aerospace industry representatives, diplomats, and national security and policy experts. The experience of this team provides a collection unmatched in any academic publication broaching even some of these issues and will be required reading for anyone interested in war and peace in outer space.

This volume is valuable for a variety of reasons: the urgency of the topic and the paucity of great scholarship surrounding it, and the variety of views andperspectives that offer both critical insights as well as actionable recommendations.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Why Space Law Matters in War and Peace
Matthew Hersch and Cassandra Steer
PART I: The Law of War and Peace in Space
1. Applying International Humanitarian Law in Outer Space
Cassandra Steer and Dale Stephens
2. Norm Setting and Transparency and Confidence-Building in Space Governance
Theresa Hitchens
3. The Rule of Law in Outer Space: A Call for an International Outer Space Authority
Icho Kealotswe-Matlou
PART II: The Ethics of Space Security
4. The Ethical Foundation of Space Security
P.J. Blount
5. U.S. Space Dominance-an Ethical Lens
Joan Johnson-Freese and Kenneth Smith
6. Space Power Doctrines and National Security
Peter Hays
PART III: Current and Future Threats to Space Security
7. The Legality of Anti-Satellite Weapons
Jinyuan Su
8. The Legality of Keep-Out, Operational and Safety Zones in Outer Space
Matthew Stubbs
9. Prominent Security Threats Stemming from Space Hybrid Operations
Jana Robinson
PART IV: Toward Stability
10. A Proposed Transparency Measure as a Step Towards Space Arms Control
Gilles Doucet
11. Outer Space and Crisis Risks
Laura Grego
12. Diplomacy: The Missing Ingredient in Space Security
Paul Meyer
Cassandra Steer and Matthew Hersch