War and Peace in Outer Space: Law, Policy, and Ethics

War and Peace in Outer Space

Law, Policy, and Ethics
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Table of Contents:
Introduction: Why Space Law Matters in War and Peace
Matthew Hersch and Cassandra Steer
PART I: The Law of War and Peace in Space
1. Applying International Humanitarian Law in Outer Space
Cassandra Steer and Dale Stephens
2. Norm Setting and Transparency and Confidence-Building in Space Governance
Theresa Hitchens
3. The Rule of Law in Outer Space: A Call for an International Outer Space Authority
Icho Kealotswe-Matlou
PART II: The Ethics of Space Security
4. The Ethical Foundation of Space Security
P.J. Blount
5. U.S. Space Dominance-an Ethical Lens
Joan Johnson-Freese and Kenneth Smith
6. Space Power Doctrines and National Security
Peter Hays
PART III: Current and Future Threats to Space Security
7. The Legality of Anti-Satellite Weapons
Jinyuan Su
8. The Legality of Keep-Out, Operational and Safety Zones in Outer Space
Matthew Stubbs
9. Prominent Security Threats Stemming from Space Hybrid Operations
Jana Robinson
PART IV: Toward Stability
10. A Proposed Transparency Measure as a Step Towards Space Arms Control
Gilles Doucet
11. Outer Space and Crisis Risks
Laura Grego
12. Diplomacy: The Missing Ingredient in Space Security
Paul Meyer
Cassandra Steer and Matthew Hersch