Virgil: Aeneid Book XI

Virgil: Aeneid Book XI

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:314 pages
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A complete treatment of Aeneid XI, with a thorough Introduction and line-by-line explication of the book.

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Virgil's Aeneid XI is an important, yet sometimes overlooked, book which covers the funerals following the fierce fighting in Book X and a council of the Latins before they and the Trojans resume battle after the end of the truce. This edition contains a thorough Introduction which provides context for Book XI both within and beyond the rest of the poem, explores key characters such as Aeneas and Camilla, and deals with issues of metre and textual transmission. The line-by-line Commentary will be indispensable for students and instructors wishing to enhance their understanding of the poem and especially of Virgil's language and syntax. Accessible and comprehensive, the volume will help readers to appreciate features of Virgilian style as well as deepening their engagement with the content and themes of the Aeneid as a whole.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: 1. Summary of Aeneid XI; 2. Book XI within the Aeneid; 3. Aeneas; 4. Aeneas, Pallas, and Evander; 5. The Latin Council; 6. Camilla; 7. Metre; 8. The text; P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos Liber Vndecimvs; Commentary.