The Weed Gummies Cookbook: Recipes for Cannabis Candies, THC and CBD Edibles, and More

The Weed Gummies Cookbook

Recipes for Cannabis Candies, THC and CBD Edibles, and More
Publisher: Ulysses Press
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No. of pages:128 pages
Size:204x152 mm
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Homemade edibles are cost-effective, discreet, and delicious! This practical cookbook is the go-to resource for the cannabis curious of all levels and offers approachable ways to incorporate a variety of cannabinoids into your routine. With step-by-step instructions and colour photos, you'll also get pro tips for safely handling and labelling your confections. Get inspired to create your own special gummies and candies that are even better than your average dispensary-bought treats! Take your cannabis cooking skills to the next level and get your sugar fix with this ultimate cookbook.