The Oxford Handbook of Experimental Syntax

The Oxford Handbook of Experimental Syntax

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No. of pages:704 pages
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Table of Contents:
Part I. Judgment methods in syntactic theory
Acceptability judgments
Acceptability judgments of binding and coreference: Methodological considerations
(Quantifier) scope judgments
Experimental syntax and linguistic fieldwork
Annotated bibliography for Part I
Part II. Acquisition methods in syntactic theory
Behavioral acquisition methods with infants
Behavioral acquisition methods with preschool-age children
Modeling syntactic acquisition
Artificial language learning
Annotated bibliography for Part II
Part III. Psycholinguistic methods in syntactic theory
Self-paced reading
Eye-tracking and experimental syntax
Speed-accuracy tradeoff modeling and its interface with experimental syntax
Formal methods in experimental syntax
Investigating syntactic structure and processing in the auditory modality
Language processing experiments in the field
Annotated bibliography for Part III
Part IV. Neurolinguistic methods in syntactic theory
Electrophysiological methods
Hemodynamic methods
Aphasia and syntax
Annotated bibliography for Part IV
The future of experimental syntax