The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri at Ninety: Literature, Papyrology, Ethics

The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri at Ninety

Literature, Papyrology, Ethics
Edition number: 1
Publisher: De Gruyter
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No. of pages:204 pages
Size:280x210 mm
Weight:691 g
Illustrations: 25 Illustrations, black & white; 50 Illustrations, color; 4 Tables, black & white
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Manuscripta Biblica is dedicated to scholarship on manuscripts of the Jewish and Christian Bible. The series is open to all fields and methods that address biblical manuscripts in a broad sense. This includes research on textual and paratextual aspects, the presentation, organization, physical composition, and artistic dimensions of the artifact as well as issues related to production, dissemination, forms of use, and reception.

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