The Cambridge History of Terrorism

The Cambridge History of Terrorism

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An accessible, authoritative history of terrorism, offering systematic analyses of key themes, problems and case studies from terrorism's long past.

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The Cambridge History of Terrorism provides a comprehensive reference work on terrorism from a distinctly historical perspective, offering systematic analyses of key themes, problems and case studies from terrorism's long past. Featuring expert scholars from across the globe, this volume examines the phenomenon of terrorism through regional case studies, largely written by local scholars, as well as through thematic essays exploring the relationship between terrorism and other historical forces. Each of the chapters - whether thematic or case-study focused - embodies new, research-based analysis which will help to inform and reshape our understanding of one of the world's most challenging problems.

'... the book delivers what the title promises to a broader audience and puts recent terror events into a broader, longer historical context ... Recommended.' C. J. Wright, Choice Connect
Table of Contents:
Part I. Introduction: 1. History and the Study of Terrorism Richard English; Part II. Frameworks and Definitions: 2. History and the Definition of Terrorism Martyn Frampton; 3. Terrorism, History and Periodisation Warren C. Brown; 4. Terrorism, History and Regionalisation Rory Miller; 5. A Processual Approach to Political Violence: How History Matters Lorenzo Bosi; 6. Terrorism, History and Neighbouring Disciplines in the Academy Bernhard Blumenau; Part III. Historical Case Studies in Terrorism: 7. Terrorism in Israel/Palestine Julie M. Norman; 8. Terrorism in the Basque Country Ludger Mees; 9. Terrorism in African History Richard Reid; 10. The History of Terrorism in Pakistan Dayyab Gillani; 11. Political Violence in Ireland Fearghal McGarry; 12. Terrorism in the Russian Empire: the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Ekaterina Stepanova; 13. Terrorism in Post-Soviet Russia: 1990s to 2010s Ekaterina Stepanova; 14. Terrorism in The Netherlands: A History Beatrice de Graaf; 15. Terrorism: An American Story Dennis Dworkin; 16. Political Violence and Terrorism in Colombia Roddy Brett; 17. The Paths of Terrorism in Peru: Nineteenth to Twenty-First Centuries Cecilia Mendez; 18. Aqtihams (Whirlwind Attacks): The Rise, Fall and Phoenix-Like Resurgence of ISIS and Shiite Terrorists Groups in Iraq Brian Glyn Williams; 19. Transnational Connections: Militant Irish Republicans and the World Kieran McConaghy; Part IV. Thematic Essays: 20. 'September 12 Thinking': The Missing Histories of Counter-Terrorism Steve Hewitt; 21. The History of Terrorism and Communication Brigitte L. Nacos and Melih Barut; 22. Terrorism, History and Religion Richard English; 23. History, Terrorism and the State Rory Cox; 24. Into the Labyrinth: Terrorism, History and Diplomacy Joseph Morrison Skelly; 25. Gender Politics and Terrorist Histories Sylvia Schraut; Part V. Conclusion: 26. Terrorism and History: Current Knowledge and Future Research Richard English.