The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law
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The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law

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This book explores all aspects of medieval canon law.

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Canon law touched nearly every aspect of medieval society, including many issues we now think of as purely secular. It regulated marriages, oaths, usury, sorcery, heresy, university life, penance, just war, court procedure, and Christian relations with religious minorities. Canon law also regulated the clergy and the Church, one of the most important institutions in the Middle Ages. This Cambridge History offers a comprehensive survey of canon law, both chronologically and thematically. Written by an international team of scholars, it explores, in non-technical language, how it operated in the daily life of people and in the great political events of the time. The volume demonstrates that medieval canon law holds a unique position in the legal history of Europe. Indeed, the influence of medieval canon law, which was at the forefront of introducing and defining concepts such as 'equity,' 'rationality,' 'office,' and 'positive law,' has been enormous, long-lasting, and remarkably diverse.
Table of Contents:
1. Medieval canon law: introduction John C. Wei and Anders Winroth; Part I. The History of Medieval Canon Law: 2. The early church Caroline Humfress; 3. Early medieval canon law Abigail Firey; 4. Canon law in the long tenth century, 900-1050 Greta Austin; 5. The age of reforms: canon law in the century before Gratian Christof Rolker; 6. The reinvention of canon law in the high middle ages Wolfgang P. Mueller; 7. Canon law in a time of renewal, 1130-1234 Anders Winroth; 8. The late middle ages: introduction; four remarks regarding the present state of research Martin Bertram; 9. The late middle ages: sources Andreas Meyer; 10. The canon law of the Eastern churches P&&&233;ter Erd&&&337;; Part II. The Sources and Dissemination of Medieval Canon Law: 11. Theology and the theological sources of canon law John C. Wei; 12. Church councils Norman Tanner; 13. Decretals and lawmaking Gisela Drossbach; 14. Roman law Gero Dolezalek; 15. Law schools and legal education Anders Winroth; 16. Local knowledge of canon law, c. 1150-1250 Anthony Perron; 17. Medieval canon law manuscripts and early printed books Susan L'Engle; Part III. Doctrine and Society: 18. Procedures and courts Wolfgang P. Mueller; 19. Ecclesiastical property, tithes, spiritualia Charles de Miramon; 20. The law of benefices Andreas Meyer; 21. Religious life Elizabeth Makowski; 22. The sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist Thomas M. Izbicki; 23. Confession, penance, and extreme unction Rob Meens; 24. Saints and relics Thomas Wetzstein; 25. Marriage: law and practice Sara McDougall; 26. Family law Franck Roumy; 27. Criminal law Lotte K&&&233;ry; 28. Ecclesiastical discipline: heresy, magic, and superstition Edward Peters; 29. Wars and crusades Frederick Russell and Ryan Greenwood; 30. Excommunication and interdict Peter G. Clarke; Conclusion; 31. The spirit of canon law Peter Landau; 32. Bibliography of primary sources Thomas Izbicki and Anders Winroth.