The Cambridge Handbook of Childhood Multilingualism

The Cambridge Handbook of Childhood Multilingualism

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This is a multi-disciplinary account of language repertoires of early multilingualism across continents, languages and contexts.

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Childhood multilingualism has become a norm rather than an exception. This is the first handbook to survey state-of-the-art research on the uniqueness of early multilingual development in children growing up with more than two languages in contact. It provides in-depth accounts of the complexity and dynamics of early multilingualism by internationally renowned scholars who have researched typologically different languages in different continents. Chapters are divided into six thematic areas, following the trajectory, environment and conditions underlying the incipient and early stages of multilingual children's language development. The many facets of childhood multilingualism are approached from a range of perspectives, showcasing not only the challenges of multilingual education and child-rearing but also the richness in linguistic and cognitive development of these children from infancy to early schooling. It is essential reading for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the multiple aspects of multilingualism, seen through the unique prism of children.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Multilingualism is not Bilingualism +1 Anat Stavans and Ulrike Jessner; Part I. Becoming and Being a Multilingual Child: 1. Infant Bi- and Multilingual Development Judith Navracsics; 2. The Development of Child Multilingualism in Languages of Different Modalities Laura Kanto; 3. Multilingualism in Early Childhood: The Role of the Input Margaret Deuchar; 4. Multilingual Education in Formal Schooling: Conceptual Shifts in Theory, Policy and Practice Latisha Mary and Christine Helot; Part II. Cognition and Faculties in Multilinguals: 5. Language and Thought in Multilingual Children Ashley Chung-Fat-Yim and Ellen Bialystok; 6. Multilingual Exposure and Children's Effective Communication Satomi Mishina-Mori; 7. Metalinguistic awareness and early multilingual learning Barbara Hofer and Ulrike Jessner; 8. Code-Switching among Bilingual and Trilingual Children Jeanine Treffers-Daller; 9. Children's Perception of their Multilingualism Brigitta Busch; 10. Multilingualism and Language Play Xiao-lei Wang; Part III. Family Language Policy: 11. Establishing and Maintaining a Multilingual Family Language Policy Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen and Baoqi Sun; 12. Parental Input in the Development of Children's Multilingualism Andrea C. Schalley and Susana A. Eisenchlas; 13. Multilingualism, Emotion, and Affect Ana Christina da Silva Iddings, Elizabeth Butler, and Tori Flint; 14. Siblings' Multilingual Discourse Vicky Macleroy; Part IV. Language(s) and Literacy of Multilingual Children through Schooling: 15. Being Pluriilingual in the Language Classroom Andrea Young; 16. Literacy Development in the Multilingual Child: From Speaking to Writing Iliana Reyes; 17. Attitudes, motivations, and enjoyment of reading in multiple languages Victoria Murphy and Sara Smith; 18. Growing up with multilingual literacies and implications on spelling Constanze Weth and Christoph Schroeder; 19. Assessing Multilinguals Alison Bailey and Becky Huang; 20. Plurilingualism and Young Children's Perspectival Cognition Maureen Hoskyn and Dani&&&232;le Moore; Part V. Socialization in Childhood Multilingualism: 21. Building a Multilingual Identity Adelheid Hu; 22. Multilingual Parenting in the United States: Language, Culture and Emotion Gigliana Melzi, Nydia Prishker, Viviana Kawas, and Jessica Huancacuri-Harlow; 23. The Development of the Heritage Language in Childhood Bi/Multilingualism Silvina Montrul; 24. Social cohesion and childhood multilingualism in South Africa Susan Coetzee Van Rooy; 25. Growing up in Multilingual Societies: Violations of Linguistic Human Rights in Education Ajit Mohanty and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas; Part VI. Multilingual Children's Landscape: 26. Linguistic landscapes in the home: Multilingual children's toys, books and games S&&&237;lvia Melo-Pfeifer; 27. Linguistic Landscapes in School Eva Vetter; 28. Children's Perception of Multilingual Landscapes in Interaction Asta Cekaite; Index.