Synthetic Sequences in Organic Chemistry

Synthetic Sequences in Organic Chemistry

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Publisher: CRC Press
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No. of pages:194 pages
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Illustrations: 238 Illustrations, color; 238 Halftones, color
Short description:

Chemists faced with the need to make a compound often have minimal exposure to the synthetic literature. Even synthetic experts do not have every reaction at the tips of their fingers. This unique volume contains an enormous range of synthetic reactions from real examples.

Long description:

Drawing on the vast amount of experience the author has gained from working in industrial and university laboratories, this collection of excerpt reports contains essential details from literature relevant to the synthesis of compounds on a milligram to kilogram scale. The excerpts are composed using ChemDraw software and compiled in a Word document. A number of the compounds that have eluded efficient preparation in the past are now presented. Material which will improve any chemist's existing synthetic methodology can be found here. Each of the six chapters, with eighty excerpts, illustrates a novel application of syntheses selected from twenty-first-century literature.


  • This professional text describes many of the classical and contemporary methods of synthesis that have recently found great value in the preparation of needed target compounds in the required quantities.

  • Each example is extracted from a specific literature publication, which the user then would examine for details.

  • This user-friendly professional text provides enormous aid in designing synthetic sequences.

  • Appeals to a broad audience in both academic and industrial laboratories, basically any chemist in need of designing a synthetic sequence or just selecting a single reaction.

  • Author has a vast amount of experience gained from working in academic and industrial laboratories.

Jerome Zoeller?s book, Synthetic Sequences in Organic Chemistry, follows in the tradition of E. J. Corey?s The Logic of Organic Synthesis with examples from the literature that illustrate the synthesis of natural and non-natural organic compounds, the placement of ?structural moieties? and functional groups, and how synthetic sequences are simplified and diversified using synthetic examples selected by the author. He also gives examples of twelve named reactions in selected syntheses that use them. The last chapter provides illustrations on ?how an optimal synthetic scheme can be developed from a discovery synthesis using an original retrosynthetic design.? This book provides useful examples through which synthetic strategies can be illustrated. They come from carefully selected recent examples provided by diverse original sources. Textual explanations are clear, and the ChemDraw illustrations make the synthetic steps easy to follow. This book offers interesting examples using modern synthetic methodology, great for those interested in organic synyjesis.

-  Michael Doyle, Ph.D., The Rita and John Feik Distinguished University Chair in Medicinal Chemistry, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Table of Contents:

1. Non-Natural Oranic Compounds. 2. Structural Moieties and Functional Groups . 3. Natural Products. 4. Diversification and Simplification. 5. Name Reactions. 6. Variations on a Synthetic Sequence