Sustainable Marketing: A Holistic Approach

Sustainable Marketing

A Holistic Approach
Edition number: Second Edition
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
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No. of pages:440 pages
Size:232x186 mm
Short description:

This unique book explores the sustainability practices that benefit companies, stakeholders and society, by drawing upon the latest research and industry examples. Dissecting the interplay between marketing and society, Peterson encourages us to critically assess the demand for businesses to engage with sustainability guidelines and environmental concerns while remaining profitable.

Long description:

Building on the idea that holistic marketing strategies allow firms to assess risk and realise opportunities, this book draws on new research and industry examples to help you recognize effective sustainability practices that benefit companies, stakeholders and society.

With an issue-based approach that dissects the interplay between marketing and society, the author encourages readers to critically engage with the changing nature of markets; how companies can adapt to sustainability guidelines and environmental threats while still remaining profitable in today’s global market.

Using a range of examples including Costco, Juul, Facebook, Patagonia and Bitcoin, Peterson highlights the importance of social issues facing businesses today such as poverty alleviation, the drive towards more ‘green’ living, corporate social responsibility within firms and political pressures such as emissions guidelines and reducing the global carbon footprint.

The Mavericks Who Made It feature also highlights key entrepreneurs throughout history, their key successes and their impact on sustainable marketing.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Macromarketing for Sustainable Marketing
Chapter 1: 21st Century Micro and Macro Issues
Chapter 2: Marketing and Society
Chapter 3: Stakeholders in Marketing
Chapter 4: The Role of Business in Society
Chapter 5: The Role of the State in Society
Part II: Important Factors Affecting Sustainable Marketing
Chapter 6: Globalization and Protectionism
Chapter 7: Contemporary Consumers
Part III: Sustainable Marketing for the Environment
Chapter 8: The Environmental Imperative
Chapter 9: Environmentally Oriented Business
Chapter 10: Sustainable Business Practices
Part IV: Sustainable Marketing for Equity
Chapter 11: Developing Markets
Chapter 12: Poverty Alleviation