Song Beyond the Nation: Translation, Transnationalism, Performance

Song Beyond the Nation

Translation, Transnationalism, Performance
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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No. of pages:352 pages
Size:234x156 mm
Illustrations: 51 music examples, 5 figures, 7 tables
Short description:

This book challenges that assumption by exploring the ways in which song crosses national borders. Whether by incorporating foreign canons of poetry alongside native ones, or conveying literature across linguistic borders through acts of performance, song functions as a means of translation.

Long description:
Within classical music, much writing on the Western song tradition since 1800 has assumed a direct link between musical cultures and national literatures, and song has typically been interpreted as one of the means by which constructions of nationalism and nationhood have been pursued in the cultural sphere. Yet song can also be a mobile and cosmopolitan genre and form of cultural practice, able - through performance, publication, and translation - to cross
boundaries between cultures and languages.

This volume brings together musicologists, literary scholars, linguists, and cultural historians to examine the ways in which song creation, practice, and interpretation has been defined by, and in turn defines, conceptions of nationalism and the transnational. It focuses on four key poets - the Persian Hafiz, German Heine, American Whitman, and French Verlaine - and examines how their poems have been 'translated' into song, and how music can challenge the seemingly organic relationship between
language and nation.
Table of Contents:
'L'invitation au voyage'
Hafiz between Nations: Song Settings by Daumer/Brahms and Peacock/Beamish
Szymanowski, a Hafiz 'Grablied', and the 'translation' of Nietzsche
The German Roots of Russian Orientalism: Hafiz's Poetry in Early Twentieth-Century Russian Song
Traces of Tourism and Transnationalism in Liszt's Heine Settings
Performance Matters in Heine: The Case of Pauline Viardot's 'Das ist ein schlechtes Wetter'
'Once again...speaking of' Heine, in Song
Why song in Verlaine's Verse is Always Already Beyond the Nation
French Impressions: The Transnational Afterlives of Verlaine's 'La Lune blanche' in Song
Paul Verlaine in Parallel: Loeffler, Fauré, Debussy
Song Just Beyond the Nation, or Debussy via Verlaine
Johanna Müller-Hermann's Lied der Erinnerung: Austria, America, and Beyond
The Émigré Walt Whitman: Songs of Mourning, 1943-48
A Song, the Sea, and a Listening Boy: Whitman - Swinburne - Delius
Whitman and Stevenson: Singing the Nation from Scotland to Samoa via Ohio and Hawai'i