Ruth Baumgarte: Catalogue Raisonné Vol. I-III

Ruth Baumgarte

Catalogue Raisonné Vol. I-III
Publisher: Hirmer
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Number of Volumes: In Schuber
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No. of pages:1104 pages
Size:110x280x335 mm
Weight:9580 g
Illustrations: 3450 colour illustrations
Long description:
The artistic oeuvre of Ruth Baumgarte (19232013) is firmly rooted in the representational tradition. On the basis of the latest scientific research it is presented here with a complete catalogue raisonné in an opulent, three-volume edition.

In the essay volume a portrait of the life of the artist is sketched out to reflect the biographical and cultural-historical milestones of her life; the position of Baumgartes oeuvre in art history id examined; and the artists particular relationship to Africa is explained. In addition, the motif of the door and the window is discussed together with her sketchbooks, and the filmic aspect of her work is examined. The volume is complemented by a detailed illustrated biography. The second volume lists and illustrates all Baumgartes artistic works. Her illustrations are published in their entirety for the first time in the third volume, thereby opening up an exciting chapter in illustration in post-war art.