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No. of pages:300 pages
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Revealing Uncharted Biology with Single Cell Multiplex Proteomic Technologies

Publisher: Academic Press
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Revealing Unchartered Biology with Single Intact Cells: Currently Available Platforms enables researchers in bioscience to visualize cellular phenomena at an unprecedented scale and rate. The book's editors provide an overview of each of the most current techniques, both individually and when used in conjunction. Sections cover CyTof, Multicolor fluorescence cytometry, CODEX multiplexed imaging, MIBI, Imaging Mass Cytometry, Multi resolution cell orientation, Confocal microscopy, QPI and Fluorescence microscopy, CyTOF and SCRNA Seq, CyTOP and scATAC Seq, and CyTOF and ATAC See, and the application of the techniques to biological questions, including chapters on cellular diversity and generating hypothesis through data analysis. The final part is dedicated to further the reader's understanding of complex biological systems by identifying new clinical tools and drug development. This book is the ideal reference for researchers who want to understand the variety of multiplex visualization techniques available for bioscientists and how to make better decisions on how to apply them to the biological question of interest.

  • Covers the most relevant Multiplex techniques applied to Proteomics
  • Provides insights into using the right tool for the biological question of interest
  • Discusses applications of techniques in several settings
  • Presents an overview on the use of combined techniques
Table of Contents:

1. Personal and historical recollections of the early years of mass cytometry 2. Unveiling spatial biology of cellular landscapes with imaging mass cytometry 3. Single-Cell spatial phenotype mapping of tissue microenvironments with Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) 4. Highly multiplexed spatial protein data using CODEX technology 5. Exploring uncharted spatial biology with ChipCytometry highly multiplexed imaging 6. Combined nucleic acid and protein quantification in situ 7. Tissue schematics 8. Highly-definition CODEX for 3D multiplex spatial cell phenotyping