Phonological Word and Grammatical Word: A Cross-Linguistic Typology

Phonological Word and Grammatical Word

A Cross-Linguistic Typology
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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No. of pages:328 pages
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This volume examines the concept of 'word' in its many guises and across many languages. 'Word' is a cornerstone for the understanding of any language: it is a pronounceable phonological unit; it has a meaning and a morphological structure and syntactic function; and it exists as a dictionary entry and an orthographic item. Speakers also understand 'word' as a psychological reality: they can talk about the meaning of a word and its suitability in certain social
contexts. However, the relationship between the phonological word and grammatical word can be more complex, in that a phonological word can consist of more than one grammatical word, or vice versa. Following an introduction outlining the parameters of variation for phonological word and grammatical word,
the chapters in this volume explore how the concept of 'word' can be applied to languages of diverse typological make-up, from the highly synthetic to highly analytic. The data are drawn from languages of Australia and the Pacific (Fijian, Yalaku, Yidin), the Americas (Chamacoco, Murui, Jarawara), Asia (Hmong, Japanese, Lao), and Africa (Makary Kotoko), with a final chapter that investigates the properties of 'word' from a cross-linguistic perspective. The volume advances our understanding
of what constitutes a word, and will be a valuable resource for scholars and students of typology, linguistic anthropology, phonology, and grammar.
Table of Contents:
The essence of 'word'
Words within words: Examples from Yidi?, Jarawara, and Fijian
Words in Japanese
Wordhood in Chamacoco
The phonological and grammatical status of Murui 'word'
Word in Yalaku
Word in Lao
Word in Hmong
The notion of 'word' in Makary Kotoko
Index of authors
Index of languages, language families, and linguistic areas
Index of subjects