New Directions in Print Culture Studies

Archives, Materiality, and Modern American Culture
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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Long description:
New Directions in Print Culture Studies features new methods and approaches to cultural and literary history that draw on periodicals, print culture, and material culture, thus revising and rewriting what we think we know about the aesthetic, cultural, and social history of transnational America.

The unifying questions posed and answered in this book are methodological: How can we make material, archival objects meaningful? How can we engage and contest dominant conceptions of aesthetic, historical, and literary periods? How can we present archival material in ways that make it accessible to other scholars and students? What theoretical commitments does a focus on material objects entail?

New Directions in Print Culture Studies brings together leading scholars to address the methodological, historical, and theoretical commitments that emerge from studying how periodicals, books, images, and ideas circulated from the 19th century to the present. Reaching beyond national boundaries, the essays in this book focus on the different materials and archives we can use to rewrite literary history in ways that highlight not a canon of "major" literary works, but instead the networks, dialogues, and tensions that define print cultures in various moments and movements.
Table of Contents:
List of Figures
Introduction: Archives, Materiality, and Modern American Culture
(Jesse W. Schwartz, LaGuardia Community College, USA, and Daniel Worden, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

I. Print Culture's Past and Presents
1. Story-Paper Origins in the US: The Unknown Public and The New York Ledger
(Ayendy Bonifacio, University of Toledo, USA)
2. "And They Think A Strike Is War": John Reed, Metropolitan Magazine, and Radical Seriality Against the Editors
(Jesse W. Schwartz, LaGuardia Community College, USA)
3. Laying the Type of Revolution: Historicizing US Feminism in and through Print Culture
(Agatha Beins, Texas Woman's University, USA)
4. The Instant Classic in the Age of Digital Print Culture: Claude McKay's Romance in Marseille
(Gary Edward Holcomb, Ohio University, USA)
5. The Real Productivity: Creative Refusal and Cultish Tendencies in Online Print Journal Communities
(Michelle Chihara, Whittier College, USA)

II. Archives, Exhibits, Images, and Sounds of Print Culture
6. Hold Still: "Redeemed" and Coming Undone
(Monica Huerta, Princeton University, USA)
7. Engraving Class: Gender, Race, and the Pictorial Politics of the 1877 General Strike
(Justin Rogers-Cooper, LaGuardia Community College, USA)
8. Sounding: Black Print Culture at the Edges of the Black Atlantic
(Kristin Moriah, Queen's University, Canada)
9. "A Traveling Exhibition": Magazines and the Display and Circulation of Art in the
(Lori Cole, New York University, USA)
10. Comics in the Archive: Approaches to the April 1956 Newsstand
(Daniel Worden, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, and Rebekah Walker)
11. Icons and Archives: James Baldwin and the Practice of Celebrity
(Robert F. Reid-Pharr, Harvard University, USA)

III. Print Culture Studies in Practice
12. Reimagining Literary History and Why It Matters Now
(Kelley Kreitz, Pace University, USA)
13. Anthologizing Alternatives: June Jordan and Toni Cade Bambara's Publishing Pedagogies
(Danica Savonick, SUNY Cortland, USA)
14. Hybrid Scholarly Publishing Models in a Digital Age
(Krystyna Michael, The CUNY Graduate Center, USA, Jojo Karlin, The CUNY Graduate Center, USA, and Matthew K. Gold, The CUNY Graduate Center, USA)