Missing White Woman: The razor-sharp new thriller from the award-winning author of LIKE A SISTER
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No. of pages:336 pages
Size:234x153x24 mm

Missing White Woman

The razor-sharp new thriller from the award-winning author of LIKE A SISTER
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
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Number of Volumes: Hardback
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Short description:

Justice4Janelle, Bree realises that the only way she can stay out of jail is if she finds out what really happened that night.
But when people see only what they want to see, can she uncover the truth hiding in plain sight?


‘Fantastic. Only Garrett could craft a tale so adroitly attuned to our everyday fears’ S. A. Cosby
&&&39;A&&&160;one-sitting read that should be on everyone&&&39;s list!&&&39;&&&160;Mary Kubica
&&&39;Taut,&&&160;suspenseful, and packed with heart, devious twists, and unforgettable characters, this novel grabbed me tight and wouldn’t let go. A single-sitting read&&&39;&&&160;Meg Gardiner
‘Expertly mixes sorrow and grief, humor and identity, with the chaos of social media’ Rachel Howzell Hall
‘Bree is unforgettable . . . You are in for such a ride!’ Rachel Hawkins


&&&39;Garrett’s prose crackles along at breakneck pace, dissecting issues of race, class, and modern culture with aplomb!&&&39;&&&160;Vaseem Khan
&&&39;Suspenseful storytelling at its best. Loved it!&&&39;&&&160;Caz Frear
&&&39;Will keep you hooked from first page to last&&&39;&&&160;Olivia Kiernan
&&&39;A break-out star in crime fiction . . . I can&&&39;t wait to see what she does next&&&39;&&&160;Laura Lippman
&&&39;A masterful storyteller&&&39;&&&160;Liv Constantine
&&&39;Fresh, original, funny and with such a strong voice . . . Garrett is a clear front runner in the genre&&&39;&&&160;Emma Bamford
&&&39;Sharp and sassy&&&39;&&&160;Heat

Long description:

‘A compulsive page-turner with plenty of twists and turns you won&&&39;t see coming. Kellye Garrett is a rising star, and Missing White Woman is her best one yet’ Harlan Coben&&&160;

‘You never know what’s coming next in Missing White Woman. Kellye Garrett writes with an unstoppable momentum and cultural edge that makes this a thriller not to be missed’&&&160;Michael Connelly

Beautiful. Blonde. Missing. Murdered.

It was supposed to be a romantic getaway to New York City. Breanna&&&39;s new boyfriend, Ty, took care of everything – the train tickets, the sightseeing itinerary, the four-story Jersey City rowhouse with the gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.&&&160;

But then Bree wakes up one morning and discovers recently missing dog-walker Janelle Beckett dead in the foyer. Ty is gone, vanished without a trace.

A Black woman alone in a strange city, Bree is stranded and out of her depth. There’s only one person she can turn to: her ex-best friend, a lawyer with whom she shares a very complicated past.

As the police and a social media mob close in, all looking for