Literature and Culture in the Roman Empire, 96-235: Cross-Cultural Interactions

Literature and Culture in the Roman Empire, 96-235

Cross-Cultural Interactions
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:425 pages
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Discovers new connections and cross-fertilisations between different cultural, linguistic and religious communities in the Roman Empire.

Long description:
This book explores new ways of analysing interactions between different linguistic, cultural, and religious communities across the Roman Empire from the reign of Nerva to the Severans (96-235 CE). Bringing together leading scholars in classics with experts in the history of Judaism, Christianity and the Near East, it looks beyond the Greco-Roman binary that has dominated many studies of the period, and moves beyond traditional approaches to intertextuality in its study of the circulation of knowledge across languages and cultures. Its sixteen chapters explore shared ideas about aspects of imperial experience - law, patronage, architecture, the army - as well as the movement of ideas about history, exempla, documents and marvels. As the second volume in the Literary Interactions series, it offers a new and expansive vision of cross-cultural interaction in the Roman world, shedding light on connections that have gone previously unnoticed among the subcultures of a vast and evolving Empire.
Table of Contents:
Introduction Alice K&&&246;nig, Rebecca Langlands and James Uden; Part I. Refiguring Roman and Greek Interactions: 1. Beyond Romans and others: identities in the long second century Myles Lavan; 2. The noise
-lovers: cultures of speech and sound in second
-century Rome James Uden; 3. Plutarch and Roman exemplary ethics: cultural interactions Rebecca Langlands; 4. Patronage, cultural difference and literary interactivity: the case of Pliny and Plutarch Dana Fields; 5. The romance of Republican history: narrative tension and resolution in Florus, Appian and Chariton Adam M. Kemezis; 6. Tactical interactions: dialogues between Greece and Rome in the military manuals of Aelian and Arrian Alice K&&&246;nig; Part II. Imperial Infrastructure: Documents and Monuments: 7. Constructing a new imperial paradoxography: Phlegon of Tralles and his sources Kelly Shannon
-Henderson; 8. A formation of a Christian archive? The case of Justin Martyr and an imperial rescript Laura Salah Nasrallah; 9. Keeping/losing records, keeping/losing faith: Suetonius and Justin do the document Tom Geue; 10. Shaping buildings into stories: architectural ekphrasis and the Epistle to the Ephesians in Roman literary culture J. Albert Harrill; 11. Architectural criticism in the Roman world and the limits of literary interaction Christopher Siwicki; 12. Dying for justice: narratives of Roman judicial authority in the High Empire Caillan Davenport; Part III. Cultural Translation and Transformation: 13. Bardaisan's disciples and ethnographic knowledge in the Roman Empire Nathanael Andrade; 14. Chaldean interactions Johannes Haubold; 15. Gilgamos in Rome: Aelian NA 12.21 Steven D. Smith; Afterword. Not there: empire, intertextuality, and absence Natalie B. Dohrmann; References; General index.