Lessons from the Afterlife: A Deep Knowledge Meditation Guidebook
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Lessons from the Afterlife

A Deep Knowledge Meditation Guidebook
Publisher: Park Street Press
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A guided journey to discover your soul’s answers to life’s great questions

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A guided journey to discover your soul’s answers to life’s great questions.

Human life is surrounded by mystery. At the centre of this mystery is the question: Why are we here? is there a purpose to our existence, a reason why we’re experiencing the beauty and pain of physical life? There is also the mystery of the universe itself. What is it and where did it come from? Religious and spiritual traditions have created complex cosmologies to answer these questions, but each tradition has a different answer and we are left with profound uncertainty about deeper reality. As psychologist Matthew McKay reveals, we can each discover our own answers to these questions, our own inner truth, by connecting with the wisdom of our souls.

In this guided workbook, McKay offers a step-by-step process to unleash the unconscious and intuitive wisdom held in the awareness of your soul. He explains how to use “deep knowledge meditation” to access all of your soul’s accumulated knowledge, everything you have learned across all of your incarnations. Channeling his late son, Jordan, a discarnate soul who has lived hundreds of lives, McKay shares Jordan’s lessons on the mysteries of human existence, including what the divine or god is, the nature of a soul, the nature of matter and energy, the role of love in our lives, and the origin of the universe. Accompanying these channeled teachings are journal prompts from Jordan, to be used with deep knowledge meditation, to help you listen to your heart and shine a light on your own deepest wisdom and soul knowledge.

Guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, this book offers the opportunity to find your soul’s truth about your life’s purpose and the nature of physical reality.