How Herbs Healed the World
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No. of pages:224 pages
Size:252x192 mm
Illustrations: Approximately 100 colour illustrations

How Herbs Healed the World

Publisher: Greenfinch
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Herbs are wonderful things. Without them so much would not be possible. With the advance of science over the last two hundred years these once mystical plants have changed and saved countless lives, vastly improving our standard of living while providing us all with a much richer, healthier diet. Today, we take for granted a world full of
life-saving drugs, luxury cosmetics and exotic foods.

This fascinating book will tell this story: revealing how poisons once used by the ancient Romans such as Deadly Nightshade are now being used in modern medicine or how the herbs used by indigenous people around the world have provided remedies for countless illnesses. It will explore the myths and legends behind herbs such as the infamous Mandrake and how herbs such as Yarrow are still being used to treat wounds today, just as they were thousands of years ago; and it will show how exotic herbs from across the globe have enriched our lives
and delve into the origins of the culinary herbs that everyone knows and loves.

Seventy-five herbs have been carefully chosen to tell the story of how they have each changed our world, looking back at their origins and what was once believed, while comparing this with the modern day uses and the scientific value of these plants enabling the reader to understand and appreciate their importance.

Each double page spread will provide both historic and modern illustrations of each herb alongside captivating accounts of their historical and modern day uses including supplementary botanical and horticultural information for each.