History of English Literature and philology

History of English Literature and philology

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No. of pages:128 pages
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History of English Literature and Philology: A Guide is an introductory guide catering to Core Course 1: History of Literature and Philology of the undergraduate English (Hons.) programme of the University of Calcutta, and follows the latest syllabus and pattern as introduced under the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS).

Table of Contents:
Roadmap to the Syllabus
How to Use This Book
Part I: History of English Literature
Section 1
Chapter 1: Old English Poetry and Prose
Chapter 2: Geoffrey Chaucer and Middle English Literature
Chapter 3: Elizabethan Sonnets
Chapter 4: University Wits
Chapter 5: William Shakespeare
Chapter 6: Ben Jonson
Chapter 7: Restoration Comedy of Manners
Chapter 8: Eighteenth Century Novels
Section 2
Chapter 9: Pre-Romantic Poetry
Chapter 10: Romantic Poetry and Non-fiction Prose
Chapter 11: Victorian Novel
Chapter 12: The Pre-Raphaelites 1
Chapter 13: Modern Novel
Chapter 14: Modern Poetry
Chapter 15: Modern Drama
Part II: Philology
Section 1
Chapter 16: Latin Influence
Chapter 17: Scandinavian Influence
Chapter 18: French Influence
Chapter 19: Americanism
Section 2
Chapter 20: Consonant Shift
Chapter 21: Word Formation Processes
(Shortening, Back-formation, Derivations)
Chapter 22: Hybridism, Monosyllabism, and Malapropism
Chapter 23: Free and Fixed Compounds, -ing Formation,
and Johnsonese
References and Suggested Readings
Question Paper: 2015
Question Paper: 2016
Question Paper: 2017
Question Paper: 2018