English Syntax and Argumentation

English Syntax and Argumentation

Edition number: 6
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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Number of Volumes: Hardback
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No. of pages:408 pages
Size:234x156 mm
Illustrations: 242 bw illus
Long description:
This book provides a complete and detailed overview of modern English syntax, and offers a thorough grounding in the essentials of sentence structure and syntactic argumentation. Clear, accessible and comprehensive, it contains a wealth of material to support readers in consolidating their learning and knowledge at every step, from basic concepts to more advanced topics.

Now in its sixth edition, this textbook includes:
- fully updated chapters
- refreshed learning materials
- a fully revised glossary, list of reference works, and bibliography

Equipped with lists of key concept, exercises and further reading suggestions in each chapter, as well as a detailed answer key at the end of the book, this highly accessible, engaging and supportive text covers all the topics needed for a confident understanding of English syntax.
Table of Contents:
Preface to the Sixth Edition
Part I: Grammatical Form and Grammatical Function
1. Introduction
2. Grammatical Form: Words, Word Classes and Phrases
3. Grammatical Function
4. More on Form: Clauses and Sentences
5. The Grammatical Form - Grammatical Function Interface
Part II: Elaboration
6. Predicates, Arguments and Thematic Roles
7. Cross-categorial Generalisations: X-bar Syntax
8. More on Clauses
9. Movement
10. Tense, Aspect and Mood
Part III: Argumentation
11. Syntactic Argumentation
12. Constituency: Movement and Substitution
13. Constituency: Some Additional Tests
14. Predicates and Arguments Revisited
Part IV: Application
15. Information Packaging
16. Grammatical Indeterminacy
17. Case Studies
Reference Works: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Grammars and Other Publications on the English Language
Answer Key for the Exercises