Managing Information Technology Projects: Building A Body Of Knowledge In It Project Management

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Information technology project management has changed dramatically over the last number of years. Drawing on the experiences of successful project management beyond the IT industry and synergizing cutting edge research with well-established practices in the IT industry, this book prefigures the 'next normal' in IT project management.As a milestone publication, this book augments the specialized body of knowledge in IT project management. Chapters are presented in four distinct sections, each examining a different angle of IT project management which includes ? generic project management methodologies; teambuilding in relation to stakeholder management; the Iron Triangle: Time, Cost, Quality and Risk; and the new and innovative technologies and software for improved project management. Substantiated case studies and practical guidance are designed to be of value to practitioners at all levels of IT project management: from novices' to experienced practitioners. This book aims to elevate the knowledge on novices' current practice; offer pointers by experienced practitioners on potential areas for improvement; and provide insights for undergraduates, researchers and other academics alike on the appreciation and application of IT project management.