Echoes Of Life, 1 Audio-CD
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Binding:Audio CD
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Echoes Of Life, 1 Audio-CD

Publisher: Universal Music
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Number of Volumes: 1 pieces, In Jewelcase
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Table of Contents:
01. In The Beginning Was02. No. 1 in C Major. Agitato03. No. 2 in A Minor. Lento04. No. 3 in G Major. Vivace05. No. 4 in E Minor. Largo06. I. Sostenuto. Misurato. Prestissimo07. No. 5 in D Major. Molto allegro08. No. 6 in B Minor. Lento assai09. No. 7 in A Major. Andantino10. No. 8 in F Sharp Minor. Molto agitato11. No. 9 in E Major. Largo12. Valzer13. No. 10 in C Sharp Minor. Molto allegro14. No. 11 in B Major. Vivace15. No. 12 in G Sharp Minor. Presto16. No. 13 in F Sharp Minor. Lento17. No. 14 in E Flat Minor. Allegro18. No. 15 in D Flat Major. Sostenuto "Raindrop"19. Prelude in C Sharp Major20. No. 16 in B Flat Minor. Presto con fuoco21. No. 17 in A Flat Major. Allegretto22. No. 18 in C Minor. Molto allegro23. I. Adagio24. No. 19 in E Flat Major. Vivace25. No. 20 in C Minor. Largo26. Für Alina27. No. 21 in B Flat Major. Cantabile28. No. 22 in G Minor. Molto agitatoDEN96213102229. No. 23 in F Major. ModeratoDEN96213102330. No. 24 in D Minor. Allegro appassionato31. Lullaby To Eternity (on fragments of W.A. Mozart's "Lacrimosa")